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{{ 'About' | translate }} Cheshire West Crowd

{{ 'About' | translate }} Cheshire West Crowd

Supported by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF)​​​​​​​

Launched by Cheshire West and Chester Council in partnership with Spacehive, the Cheshire West Crowd empowers people to create projects that will make a positive difference in their community by giving residents and groups an opportunity to attract funding from their communities, the Council, local businesses and foundations all through one portal.​​​​​​​ Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to receive a pledge from Cheshire West and Chester Council towards your crowdfunding target. Crowdfunding round currently open, please visit About tab for further information.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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Transform the Loo's 4 You Whitegate Way
Transform the Loo's 4 You Whitegate Way joined Cheshire West Crowd9 hrs ago

We are desperate to update the customer toilet block on the Whitegate Way nature trail, which supports our cafe users and the general public. Internally the decor needs totally refurbishing to include baby changing facilities and hot air hand dryers. We will replace all 4 toilets and sink units, 3 new PVC windows, 2 external doors, urinals, 1 hot water boiler & painting throughout. We would love to create a roof top garden with turf if funds allow, and clear and plant up the immediate area around the site. Our amazing Station House Cafe volunteers and our SEN students on a Friday, will maintain the garden area, planting indigenous shrubs and flowers which will encourage wildlife, bees and butterflies. We would also like to provide cold shower facilities for dog owners, walkers and cyclists who use the Whitegate Way, so they can remove the worst of the mud on a rainy day before they get into their cars!

Help Bring Access for All to Park Fields
Help Bring Access for All to Park Fields joined Cheshire West Crowd4 days ago

Our project involves two key components: 1. **Construction of Accessible Pathways:** - **Specific Features:** We will build a 30-meter smooth, durable path from the Wood Lane vehicle gate to a new seating area. This path will be designed to accommodate wheelchairs and will feature clear signage to guide visitors. - **Location:** The pathway will run along the Wood Lane hedgerow, providing easy access to a tranquil part of Parkfields. 2. **Creation of an Accessible Seating Area:** - **Specific Features:** At the end of the new path, we will establish a seating area with a wheelchair-friendly picnic table. This area will be designed for ease of access and comfort, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the surroundings. - **Location:** The seating area will be situated in a peaceful section of Parkfields, offering a perfect spot for gatherings, picnics, and quiet reflection.

The Oaks Community School Oasis
The Oaks Community School Oasis joined Cheshire West Crowd1 week ago

Partnering with Mintopia, a renowned national plant collection, and experts in eco-pedagogy, the initiative will create an inclusive environment that fosters a deeper connection to nature for pupils, parents, and the urban local community. Central to the project is the development of biodiverse gardens and green spaces that serve multiple purposes: they will be outdoor classrooms for hands-on ecological education, tranquil areas for mindfulness and relaxation, and communal gardens for community interaction and stewardship. The diverse plantings from Mintopia will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the school grounds but also support local wildlife and contribute to urban biodiversity, addressing broader climate change challenges.

EPC Stage at Cosmic Cape Festival 2024
EPC Stage at Cosmic Cape Festival 2024 joined Cheshire West Crowd1 week ago

Cosmic Cape Festival is an annual music festival in Capenhurst. The festival was created to help boost culture and creativity in the town, and provide a platform for developing a music scene. The festival features some well known headliners, this year The Lightning Seeds and The Pigeon Detectives, as well as many local bands early on in their musical journey. The festival features 3 stages, and Ellesmere Port Collective would like to have our own stage to further our mission in creating more opportunities for local people.

the ōH Foundation Studio Equipment Fund started fundraising!2 weeks ago
Healthy food and personal hygiene packs hit its fundraising target!2 weeks ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

the ōH Foundation Studio Equipment Fund
the ōH Foundation Studio Equipment Fund joined Cheshire West Crowd1 month ago

Studio Equipment is essential to help creatives grow and develop for the Foundation to fulfil their goal. Our target is to collect £21,500 for: 1. BUTTON HOLE MACHINE. Essential for all the makers to allow producing clothes and bags. We require the heavy-duty unit to help us work with upcycled materials, like denim, car seat belts, sailcloth etc. 2. VINYL PLOTTER Needed to allow large-scale, high-quality pattern and design development. New plotter technology will allow us to be more sustainable. 3. INDUSTRIAL IRON/ STEAMER It is essential for designing new patterns and styles and taming unrulled textiles and fabrics. 4. BAR TACK MACHINE This machine is used to create reinforcement for pocket and heavy-duty clothing like outdoor pieces. 5. COVER STITCH MACHINE The stitches created by this machine allow for more flexibility for the fabric, and it's essential when working with knits, wool or jersey and adds to the longevity of the designs. We have great space now we need a great kit!

Port Support hit its fundraising target!1 month ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Stamford Street Community Garden hit its fundraising target!2 months ago

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Help us to grow The Joshua Tree Charity hit its fundraising target!2 months ago

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