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{{ 'About' | translate }} CrowdFund Kent

Crowdfund Kent is focused on giving local organisations and groups the opportunity to take forward projects to improve their local area. The programme is continuing for 2023-24 with a fund of £200,000 from Kent County Council and we are pleased to share that NHS Kent and Medway are joining the programme with an equal funding pot of £200,000. Crowdfund Kent continues to be supported by Folkestone and Hythe District Council, who are now in their second year of the programme and have committed a fund of £17,000. The objectives of the programme have been revised so that we can support projects which seek to address the current challenges facing communities. There is therefore a focus on disadvantaged and rural communities, financial hardship, health and wellbeing and social isolation. We hope the programme will enable us to continue to support initiatives that are locally led and driven by the local groups and networks, which make our communities.

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Children Matter regardless of abilities
Children Matter regardless of abilities joined CrowdFund Kent1 week ago

To deliver an all inclusive project, focusing on good mental health allowing children with disabilities to make memories throughout the summer. We focus on inclusive activities. Engaging and encouraging teenage volunteers to provide 1-1 support. The benefits to all children taking part regardless of abilities is immense. The decline in all of our children's mental health is a huge problem. Pegasus gives children hope, a meaning to their lives and for three short weeks allows them to be children. It changes lives of not only those taking part but the larger network of families of our most vulnerable children. Improving physical, activity, social skills, less isolation, supporting those less able, children get a feeling of self worth and are valued. Holiday playschemes are also seen to have wider impacts at: family level, for example: • Increased potential for parents to participate in employment and training • Providing important opportunities for respite care Improved relationships

Confidance Inclusive Dance Classes!
Confidance Inclusive Dance Classes! joined CrowdFund Kent1 week ago

Over 55% of learning disabled people leave school without qualifications and only 5% are in employment. Due to prejudice and a lack of access, they are also twice as likely to be inactive. We know that dance empowers people to live healthy, confident and fulfilling lives. It also challenges prejudice about what LD people can achieve, showcased through performances and workshops. This raises expectations and paves the way to a kinder more inclusive society. At Confidance, we provide dance classes for LD young people in Ashford, LD adults in Folkestone and have formed a professional company of LD dancers who have been performing across Kent for the past 5 years. This project will raise essential funds for regular classes, workshops, training for our LD artists and strategic development to ensure security and growth for Confidance so that we can support more LD people in Kent to express themselves, make a meaningful contribution and be supported to pursue a career they love.

Creating Level Playing Fields
Creating Level Playing Fields joined CrowdFund Kent1 week ago

At Thanet Mustangs, we deliver positive mental and physical outcomes for children and young people (CYP) by delivering American Flag Football Training, an inclusive sport that allows girls and boys aged 8 to 17 years old train, develop, play and grow together. Thanet is an area of multiple deprivation in Kent that is being hit hard by the current cost of living crisis. For the past two years, coming out of Covid 19 lockdown, we have worked tirelessly to aquire equipment and facilities to provide free sports training sessions to the cyp of this area and have seen first hand the amazing results on their mental health and physical wellbeing. Now, we need to do MORE. With your help we plan to continue providing free training sessions, and now add free healthy packed lunches, a warm space for post training for all participants and the opportunity for 16+ year olds to take their BAFCA (British American Football Coaches Association) level One coaching Qualification.

From Care to Where?
From Care to Where? joined CrowdFund Kent1 week ago

David entered the care system when he was two months old. He lived with 16 foster families and experienced two spells in secure units before his 17th birthday. Then, David found the running community via a family who recognised untapped potential in him. Not just as a runner, but as a man. The stats are shocking: in 2022, just 1% of children in England were in care, but 59% of children in custody in England were care experienced. That was David's path too, but he found a new one through running. A path that led him to the start line of the world's most iconic mountain race: Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, in August 2023, as part of John McAvoy's Alpine Run Project - a campaign to get young people from urban environments moving in nature, at home and abroad. David will lead and mentor young people in or leaving care focusing on the outstanding natural beauty of the North Downs Way, to help prevent them becoming another statistic from the care system. Allowing them to dream.