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CrowdFund Kent


Your projects. Our communities. Kent’s resilience

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Crowdfund Kent is focused on giving local organisations and groups the opportunity to take forward projects to improve their local area. The programme is continuing for 2023-24 with a fund of £200,000 from Kent County Council and we are pleased to share that NHS Kent and Medway are joining the programme with an equal funding pot of £200,000. Crowdfund Kent continues to be supported by Folkestone and Hythe District Council, who are now in their second year of the programme and have committed a fund of £17,000. The objectives of the programme have been revised so that we can support projects which seek to address the current challenges facing communities. There is therefore a focus on disadvantaged and rural communities, financial hardship, health and wellbeing and social isolation. We hope the programme will enable us to continue to support initiatives that are locally led and driven by the local groups and networks, which make our communities.
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CrowdFund Kent Fund

CrowdFund Kent Fund

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