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To support projects which encourage local people to be active, learn and play together.

Our Journey

OPA Play & Activity Day
OPA Play & Activity Day joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

Over the last 6 years we have delivered 62 events Countywide which have been attended by over 88,500 people. Our events are unique in that they offer both FREE Entrance and FREE Activities to ensure an inclusion for ALL. We fundraise to pay for all the activities and facilities management. We work with a wide range of partners to deliver these events to increase our delivery capacity, share best practice and reduce any duplication. For the local Children & Young People we offer ‘Health by Stealth’ - Fun and engaging activities all underpinned by serious messages within an outdoor environment. Parents and carers are better informed on where they can gain advice, support and guidance and what services are available to them, (particularly in the light of the recent Childrens Centre closures and withdrawal of Universal, open access services) We also educate families on how to Play and undertake activities at no cost. We deliver events in the heart of the Communities where we work

Mill Hill East Community Garden
Mill Hill East Community Garden joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

We want to provide a home for our local community to connect with nature and each other. To do this we will transform some empty and unloved waste land into a creative Community Garden. Through this space we want to help people discover new skills, particularly as they reconnect with food and nature. We also want to encourage biodiversity, and create a new home for local insects and wildlife. This will be an asset created by and for our neighbours, with space to grow, cook and eat together. We’d like to create a space where local children can learn about planting and wildlife through getting their hands dirty, as well as providing opportunities for the elderly and isolated to come and meet new people. From the start of the project we want to provide education and training through volunteering for people who wouldn’t access these opportunities elsewhere, including a special school and young people. We are working with a celebrated garden designer Karen Rogers but we need your help too!

Inspiring the youth
Inspiring the youth joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

Thornton Rangers Academy is a unique concept based our initial plan of a local football team with the main emphasis on the principle of fair play, equality and teamwork. Our aim is to bring together children from different social or cultural backgrounds. Through football we promote mutual respect and tolerance, not only on the field but also in everyday life. The project is associated with a local nursery and primary schools around the Thornton Heath area, our parent volunteers put together teams that organises tournaments, public events, workshops and other educational activities for children and young people from the Academy. Already we have 2 young FA qualified coaches with DSB funded by the academy.

Disability Awareness Day Festival
Disability Awareness Day Festival joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

Disability Awareness Day is a pan disability event which promotes a can do culture focussing on what disabled people can do throughout life and work. The show has three main aims: - To highlight what statutory, private or voluntary services are available to enable disabled people to stay independent. - To promote equipment and aids that could maintain or improve independence, not just what is offered by statutory service providers, we want everyone to see the best and/or latest designs - To provide an opportunity to showcase what disabled people can do, in the field of Sport, Arts and Entertainment. This is the first time this event has come to London and is a great opportunity to provide a fun, accessible and entertaining day out for people with and without disabilities. We will have live music, accessible sporting activities, arts and crafts, information, bouncy castles, DJs, food and drink from around the world and so much more.

Crystal Palace Park Theatre and Cinema
Crystal Palace Park Theatre and Cinema joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

CPPT will run this First Season in Summer 2019 for residents of Crystal Palace and South London - we will build theatre, cinema and art gallery space. With an amazing team including leaders in every arts sector and in consultation with Artistic Director David Fry, we are local individuals (not developers or corporations) who have a combined 500 years experience in the arts world. We aim to provide accessible, entertainment and cultural engagement for all ages and life stages. We have secured agreement in principle with local authority and park management to enable us to progress to this next stage. This crowd fund will enable us to work with experts in their fields in architecture, design and fundraising to shape and secure the First Season. With your support, we can also present this concept to the local community - allowing us to gain support from the five surrounding Boroughs.

Bishops Park Outdoor Fitness area
Bishops Park Outdoor Fitness area joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

This project involves installing outdoor fitness equipment including climbing ladders, pull up bars etc in Bishops Park near the existing skate boarding equipment. It will be suitable for all ages, hard wearing and low maintenance. It would increase the health and fitness of users and provide fitness equipment in a safe environment. We hope it will attract users that are put off by the high membership fees of gyms. All the family can visit as Bishops Park, users of different ages can use the equipment at the same time and enjoy the other areas of interest within the Park. This could appeal to mothers with young children, older people, young children and teenagers as well as adults and 5-13 year olds. Body weight (calisthenic) exercise is becoming more and more popular, and this equipment will be a well-used addition to the park. Along with the exercise equipment will be seating, planting and landscaping. This project is supported by the Friends of Bishops Park and the Council.

Accessible Cycle Day for West Cumbria
Accessible Cycle Day for West Cumbria joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

West House is a charitable organisation that supports people with learning and other disabilities in West Cumbria. Many of the people we support don't have access to inclusive sporting opportunities, and we want to change that! We are working with Watchtree Wheelers to bring their range of accessible bicycles and instructors down to Whitehaven for a day on Monday 21 May, so that people with limited mobility can have a go at cycling. People from Whitehaven and the surrounding areas who wish to try an accessible bike currently have to go to Carlisle, which is expensive and time-consuming. By holding a local cycle day, we hope to allow people to try this sport for free, inspire them to take up cycling as a hobby, and have fun! There will also be the opportunity for people to do a sponsored cycle to raise money for West House. The event will be promoted to lots of local people including local care homes and other charities for the disabled, so that as many people as possible attend.

#MakeCaves in Mile End Park Part 2!!
#MakeCaves in Mile End Park Part 2!! joined GLL Community Foundation1 month ago

Make it! is Toynbee Hall's project for 12-13 year olds. We offer young people an opportunity to make lasting change in their community while developing their critical thinking skills. This year our students propose to build an indoor cave at Mile End Urban Adventure Base (UAB) in only 3.5 days. The cave will be designed and constructed entirely by the young people themselves, with expertise provided by local charity Build Up Foundation. Students will come together from three different East London schools to build the cave. Throughout the project they will learn about healthy eating by cooking all their own meals. They will also produce a short film of their experiences. On the final day of the build they will invite their friends, family, and teachers to see (and experience!) their work at a grand opening party. After the project, our students will introduce the cave to local children on an activities day they will lead for 360 year 6 students transitioning to secondary school.


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