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About GLL Community Foundation


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The GLL Community Foundation is here to support projects which encourage local people to be active, learn and play together– it could be organising a sporty tournament, improving a community library or creating a new sports league. Upload your project idea now for the chance to get a pledge of up to £5k. GLL is charitable social enterprise that manages leisure centres, libraries and other community services. We aim to help everyone in our local communities to be able to enjoy educational, sport and play activities. We want all members of the community to benefit from projects that improve health and wellbeing. As the UK’s leading leisure charitable social enterprise a lot of the work GLL do is about making communities better for everyone. We truly believe that together we change lives for the better, and are committed to demonstrating this on a larger scale than ever before.

Our Journey

Dream Garden SW11 hit its fundraising target!1 day ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

The Calthorpe Living Lab hit its fundraising target!4 days ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

The Sharks @ Havelock/Toplocks
The Sharks @ Havelock/Toplocks joined GLL Community Foundation1 week ago

<b>We are in the process of applying for planning permission for change of use of the garages. In the unlikely event this is not secured, no money will be taken from backers.</b> We want to create the opportunity for young people living on the Havelock & Toplocks estates in Southall to take up canoeing & develop their potential. Our proposal is to transform disused garage areas (that have become a no-go area) into storage space for canoes & the relevant kit as well as provide changing & other facilities for community benefit. We will retrofit at least 4 of the existing garages to create a club house space with secure access, racking for storage, & provide paddling machines & other fitness equipment for land-based sessions during the winter months. We will carry out external improvements between the garages & the canal side to improve safety, creating access for all & enhancing the area for the benefit of local people & visitors.

Elgin Intergenerational Garden Project
Elgin Intergenerational Garden Project joined GLL Community Foundation1 week ago

A community project where youth and experience come together. Students enjoy working in the garden at Elgin which has provided them with a place to enjoy gardening and also helps them to improve their confidence, resilience and their ability to work as part of a team and their ability to communicate with people of different ages and appreciate their local community. Older people who use the centre engage well with the students and benefit from being part of the garden development and watching them bring the vegetables to harvest and feedback suggests that they enjoy the gardening programme and would like it to continue. The project started in January 2018 and funding was successfully sourced for one year which has allowed us to get the project started. We now need to work with a volunteer coordinator from HCGA to focus on recruiting people from the local community to become volunteer gardeners who can continue the project into year 3 and further.

Development of the Shoebox Studios
Development of the Shoebox Studios joined GLL Community Foundation1 week ago

Due to the contract ending on our current premises, the Shoebox is moving to a new space within an heritage building in January 2019, but in order to do this, we need funding to make the new space fit for purpose. We need to invest in a free standing trussing system that will be used to hang studio curtains and lighting/projection/sound equipment and flooring.

Development of the Shoebox Studios started fundraising!1 week ago