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About GLL Community Foundation


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The GLL Community Foundation is here to support projects which encourage local people to be active, learn and play together– it could be organising a sporty tournament, improving a community library or creating a new sports league. Upload your project idea now for the chance to get a pledge of up to £5k. GLL is charitable social enterprise that manages leisure centres, libraries and other community services. We aim to help everyone in our local communities to be able to enjoy educational, sport and play activities. We want all members of the community to benefit from projects that improve health and wellbeing. As the UK’s leading leisure charitable social enterprise a lot of the work GLL do is about making communities better for everyone. We truly believe that together we change lives for the better, and are committed to demonstrating this on a larger scale than ever before.

Our Journey

Oval green space hit its fundraising target!1 day ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Party In The Park hit its fundraising target!4 days ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Ashburton Park Playground
Ashburton Park Playground joined GLL Community Foundation1 week ago

What we would like to do is redesign and equip our playground so that it has a different look and feel. The way we want to do this is by: 1. To improve the quality of the playground surfaces, so that it is colourful by introducing safer play surfaces and splashes of colour! 2. Our kids have different needs, so we would like to make Ashburton Park playground more inclusive, by introducing designs and play equipment, that meet the needs of as many of our kids as possible. 3. We want to introduce new and upgrade our playground equipment, so that it challenges, encourages learning and our kids become more active as a result. 4. We want our playground to become a community hub where parents and carers can socialise and offer mutual support to each other. 5. We want our playground to become a destination playspace where all of the Croydon community can visit, play and connect with each other. 6. We want our playground to be part of the wider improvements happening in the park.

Party In The Park
Party In The Park joined GLL Community Foundation1 week ago

As the school year is ready to begin, we would like to take advantage of the last bits of summer by organising an event for families in Ravenscourt Park. We will have activities for children and adults, games, sports activities, temporary tattoos, arts and crafts activities, face painting and many more. Water and snacks will be provided during the event, and we encourage everyone to bring along a picnic and share if they wish. Please help us make this family fun day happen!

Oval green space
Oval green space joined GLL Community Foundation1 week ago

Improve the Oval green space by adding raised beds (to be filled with flowers, herbs and eventually vegetables for the community to pick and eat). Build a bug hotel, with local nursery & school involved, inviting them up for bug hunting activities. Add more trees and wildflowers.

Ashburton Park Playground hit its fundraising target!1 week ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

An Outdoor Classroom for GROW hit its fundraising target!1 week ago

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