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Support for survivors #metoo
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Since the beginning of 2018, Rape Crisis Surrey & Sussex (RCSAS) has experienced a 61% increase in the number of women and girls coming forward to access our support. This unprecedented level of demand is due, in part, to an increase in the public conversation around sexual harassment and abuse as a result of the #metoo movement. We are delighted that more women and girls feel able to reach out for the specialist support they need and deserve. But this increase in numbers has left us struggling to meet demand and having to ask women to wait many months before they get help. We desperately need more counsellors and volunteers to increase our ability to respond quickly when a survivor of sexual violence contacts us. We want to recruit more specialist counsellors and train a new team of volunteers to provide dedicated, 1-1 support to women and girls. RCSAS is based in a confidential centre in central Crawley, supporting survivors from across West Sussex and east Surrey.

Wheelchair Swing & HAT for MPCC
Wheelchair Swing & HAT for MPCC joined Crowdfund Crawley1 week ago

We want to install a wheelchair accessible swing in an already identified,perfect location,approved by Crawley Borough Council, within the play area at Maidenbower Park. We will then look at the possibility of installing a form of hoist assisted toilet within the MPCC social club's disabled toilet, in order to make the whole facility fully accessible to all, as it currently isn't in it's present form and the MPCC recognise this and wish to be as inclusive as possible and reach out to the whole community. Local social media has expressed a need for these facilities and I myself (Maria Cook) as a parent/carer need it too for my son. The local parent/carers within the disabled community are crying out for accessible places to help engage the people they care for in regular activities, so often taken for granted by others and to also enable them to access the community just like anyone else. Vital facilities like these give some very deserving, wonderful people a basic human right back.

Park Buggy Walks
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Park Buggy Walks will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer holidays. Eight sessions will be offered with each session lasting 1.5 hours. These will be open to families in Crawley with children who are 7 years and under. The walks will take place in two local parks in Crawley and will involve following a suitable footpath whilst taking the time to notice nature. WSCC will provide fitness instructors who will lead the groups in short bursts of exercise at checkpoints along the route. Scavenger hunts and other activities will give children an opportunity to explore the natural environment. We want to inspire families to spend more time outside being physically active and will empower them to continue the walks in their own family times. We will do this by familiarising them with the parks and the routes. If successful, we hope to continue Park Buggy Walks during other school holidays throughout the year.

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Move the Goalposts
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Move the Goalposts is our free, inclusive project that enables those currently experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) mental health difficulties to access our weekly sessions at Crawley Town Football Club. The benefits of sport and physical activity on our mental health are endless: improved mood, decreased chance of depression and anxiety, and a better and more balanced lifestyle. Move the Goalposts sessions will provide participants with an opportunity to meet and participate in sessions aimed at supporting those with personal aims to improve their quality of life. Sessions are adapted to meet the needs of the participants and are solely led by participants with the support of our staff. Individual outcomes may be developed with participants and may include, improving personal and social skills, fitness levels, employability skills and aspects of health and nutrition. Sessions are open to those aged 18+, regardless of ability. We welcome participants supported by agencies.

Caroline Haslett Memorial Project
Caroline Haslett Memorial Project joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

Phase 1 is an essential consultation stage. We need to find out whether our idea has the support and 'buy-in' of the wider community. We want to offer a process of discovery and involvement in planning and implementing a public realm arts, local historical and engineering heritage, landscape and townscape conservation and enhancement scheme. A consultation stage will involve neighbourhood leafletting, notice board posters, drop-in presentation events, slide shows and preparation of on-line media material and questionnaires. Initially, therefore, we are seeking funding for hard copy printing of consultation documents and leaflets, and for pop-up display stands and roller banners.

Multicultural Crawley
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The project is an multicultural event which will take place in Crawley's Memorial Gardens. We will section of the gardens to mimic the world map with Africa in one area, Asia in another and Europe etc. We will have at least 2 stalls in each continent to show that there are many different people who come from one continent and they can't all be associated with the same persona. We will set up food stalls as food is one thing that brings everyone together; we will have traditional foods from the countries. We will put on dance performances to showcase the talent we have in Crawley. We will hold activities to get people involved such as making masks etc. Another thing is we want to have on display some visual aids to show how different one country looks in a variety of towns and cities to help remould peoples perceptions.

Funds towards a new Minibus
Funds towards a new Minibus joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

C I Fund Application We are a non-profit-making organisation delivering the Duke of Edinburgh Award to young people in Crawley and surrounding area. We started this project over fourteen years ago, based at Crawley Youth Club, however following WSCC cuts and changes to the Youth Service support, we were required to leave this organisation. We continued the project under WSCC YS and moved to West Green Community Centre and continued to offer the Award with a fully volunteer based group of adult staff under the management of WSCC YS and with their support. We are in desperate need to purchase a new minibus to replace our current one as its over 15 years old in order to continue to deliver the award and have raised £5000 towards the purchase but we need in the region of £14000 for a fairly good condition 2nd hand one. By doing this it will allow us to continue to deliver the award to the young people of Crawley.

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