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Our impact

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Category Amount Impact
Activity Impact {{ImpactReportData.NumberPeopleUsedProjects | number}} People that have visited or used the projects
{{item.MainText | number}} {{item.MainText | currency: "£" : 0}}
Amount Impact
{{ImpactReportData.MovementOwnerTotalPledge | currency: "£" : 0}} Amount we pledged
{{ImpactReportData.AveragePledge | currency: "£" : 0}} Our average pledge
{{ImpactReportData.AverageMoneyPercentageIncreaseAfterFirstOwnerDonation.toFixed(2) | roundNoDecimals}}% Increase in money raised after we have pledged
{{ImpactReportData.AveragePledgesPercentageIncreaseAfterFirstOwnerDonation.toFixed(2) | roundNoDecimals}}% Increase in number of pledges after we have pledged
Amount Impact
{{ImpactReportData.SupportersContribution | currency: "£" : 0}} Amount of funding pledged by Supporters
Amount Impact
{{ImpactReportData.NumberOfBackersWithin5Miles}} Backers that live within 5 miles of projects
{{ImpactReportData.PercentageBackersLoveAreaMore.toFixed(2) | roundNoDecimals }}% Proportion of backers that say projects make them love their area more
{{ImpactReportData.PercentageBackersMadeFriends.toFixed(2) | roundNoDecimals }}% Have made new friends as a result of being involved in project campaigns
Amount Impact
{{ImpactReportData.AverageSkillsLearnedByProjectCreator | number:0 }} New skills learned by project creators on average
{{ImpactReportData.MostCommonLearnedSkills[0]}} The most commonly learned skill, followed by {{ImpactReportData.MostCommonLearnedSkills[1]}} and {{ImpactReportData.MostCommonLearnedSkills[2]}}
{{ImpactReportData.PercentagePCMadeNewFriends.toFixed(2) | roundNoDecimals }}% Percentage of project creators that made new friends
Amount Impact
{{ImpactReportData.NumberOfBackers | number}} People and organisations that backed projects
{{ImpactReportData.NumberPressEventItems | number}} Media mentions

Impact data and claims within this report are provided by the project creators and have not been independently verified by Spacehive.