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Wellbeing Workshops for Women in Swansea

Funded on Spacehive 4 October 2023

Impact data and claims within this report are provided by the project creator and have not been independently verified by Spacehive.

Wellbeing Workshops for Women in Swansea

Ayanna Florian By Ayanna Florian

Our wellbeing workshops are for women from all backgrounds. Project will help them improve their mental and physical health. It will increase their self-esteem and better functioning in social life.

Swansea Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 04 Oct 2023!

This project offers many health, well-being and art workshops for women from all backgrounds, who may have survived domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other life difficulties. The project will be FREE. We have a previously successful well-being program that is designed to help women to improve their mental and physical health, strengthen their self-esteem and courage, helping them to start functioning better in their family and society. As a result, it will increase their chances of taking up a job or further education. If a woman is happier and healthier then it will also strengthen her family, children or partner. The project will be made by GROW Cymru a women’s charity based in Swansea. The majority of workshops will take place at their premises in St Davids Shopping Centre. It is anticipated the project will be completed within twelve months and will culminate with an art exhibition of works created by women. It allows them to show their reborn inner strength and beauty.

What we'll deliver:

  • 15 x Intuitive Soul Painting Workshops (each workshop is for 6 hours)
  • 7 x Self-Confidence Art Workshops ( Each workshop is for 4 hours)
  • 3 x Breathwork Meditations Workshops and 3 x Creative Writing Workshops
  • 3 x Healing Circle of Love Workshop with Sound Baths with Gongs ( each workshop is for 4 hours)
  • 3 x Indian Bollywood dance workshop ( each workshop 1 hour)
  • 3 x Well-being workshops ( each workshop is 3 hours)
  • 24 x holistic massages ( each session is 30 minutes) and 10 x Beauty therapy sessions
  • Art Exhibition of Women's Painting Created during our Art Workshops
  • Online Zoom well-being meetings fortnightly for 10 months
  • Buying art supplies for art workshops

Why it's a great idea:

The project will appeal to: - local women who experienced different kind of traumas, domestic abuse, depression or anxiety. - local women who are self-employed in well-being sections and through our project they have a chance to show themselves more. The project will: - help women to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence - help to reduced their level of stress - teach them how to cope with stressful situations - increase their chances to get a job or continue their education - help to work out their traumas - teach them different relaxing techniques like mindfulness or breath-work meditation - teach them positive and healing affirmations which help them become better and happier mother, partner, wife - help them to become more successful and independent women -learn many new self-healing techniques that they can use easily in their daily life -develop their creativity - help women who will make the workshops to increase their income and develop their businesses

Steps to get it done:

  • buying art supplies for workshops
  • advertising project and creating online events
  • prepare the space for the workshops
  • making regular well-being workshops each month for all year
  • being sure that all women are well informed about dates and hours and sending them the reminding message
  • prepare the certificates for women who attended the workshops
  • find the place where we can do our art exhibition
  • organize our art exhibition and art exhibition open day with well-being workshops
  • successfully finish the project

This evidence of need for this project is based on a pilot project which was partly funded by the Swansea Council over a year ago.The project proved successful and created a safe space for women to help them to rebuild their lives. As one stated:“It is brilliant & empowering!.” During the workshops the women said that they can express themselves freely and nobody will judge them.No art skills were necessary prior to the project. It was our job to support them to feel that they achieve anything they set their mind to.They felt they can safely express themselves and heal their traumas.On seeing their artwork at the exhibition they felt so special and proud.Some of the women also expressed themselves through poetry which was amazing. It is important to remember that behind all of creative activities the well-being of the women is paramount, hence the need for the additional activities. All participants expressed a desire to attend more workshops which is the ethos behind this application.

Location Swansea

About the space

CusGROW Cymru, Unit 12 St. David’s Shopping Centre, St. David’s Place, SWANSEA, SA1 3LGtom Location


City and County of Swansea Council

How will the money be spent?Total £10,135

Cost of well-being and art workshops. - £3,865 (38%)
Costs of project coordination support and office work - £2,000 (20%)
Costs of art and workshops supplies - £1,921 (19%)
Costs of holistic massages and beauty therapies - £840 (8%)
Costs of online tutors well-being workshops for ten months - £720 (7%)
IT costs - £120 (1%)
Other - £669 (7%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Cost of well-being and art workshops.
Costs of project coordination support and office work
Costs of art and workshops supplies
Costs of holistic massages and beauty therapies
Costs of online tutors well-being workshops for ten months
IT costs
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT
  • Transaction fees

Total £10,135

Our Volunteer List

We're currently looking for people to offer skills and time to develop our project! Check out the list of what we need below and then use the 'Volunteer' button to the right to get involved.
  • Hello beautiful people, we still need people who would love to help us to share the project to our community. If you like to walk, you can help us to walk with our leaflets, put the posters around the city. Thank you.

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