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Rice Paper Tales

Funded on Spacehive 26 May 2016

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Rice Paper Tales

Rice Paper Tales

Trikhon Theatre By Trikhon Theatre

Rice Paper Tales presents a series of traditional Vietnamese folktales through interactive storytelling, live music and multi-sensory audience experience to children and families.

Lewisham Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 26 May 2016!

Folktales from Vietnam will be brought to life with live music inspired by traditional Vietnamese instruments as well as multi-sensory experiences such as the smell of incense, textures of Vietnamese objects and taste of Vietnamese foods to provide an immersive cultural experience that takes the audience to another world.

Trikhon will be taking a selection of 3 Vietnamese folktales to produce a series of free performances, each lasting 20 minutes. These performances will be held at Deptford Lounge, an arts venue with strong links to the local community. Each performance will be followed by an illustration workshop that will allow the audience to reflect on the story's themes and teachings in a creative way. The performances will be held in during the summer holidays, when parents are looking for educational and fun activities for their children. There will be audience of up to 30 children per performance, and a total of 3 performances.

What we'll deliver:

  • Every performance will be followed by an illustration workshop to creatively reflect on the story.
  • Provide free immersive story-telling performances of Vietnamese folktales to children and families.
  • There will be a total of 3 performances during the summer break, each performance lasting 20 minutes.

Why it's a great idea:

Trikhon is dedicated to the local Deptford community and with Rice Paper Tales aims to promote cultural awareness at a young age and integration with Deptford's large Vietnamese community. Folktales provide a mirror into other cultures and, as they are traditional concerned with life's universal themes, also transcend their culture of origin to reveal the commonality of human experiences. The stories we're told in our childhood form our later attitudes and opinions; in an entertaining and educational manner, Trikhon aims to expose British children to an early awareness of another culture's experiences thereby encouraging an open mindset towards integration and diversity.

Deptford's large Vietnamese population is traditionally isolated from the arts and the wider community, through this project we also hope to encourage local Vietnamese families to engage with the arts and with community art spaces. This will further promote integration in the local area.

Steps to get it done:

  • A detailed production schedule has been planned based on the evaluation of the 2013 production.
  • We have over 5 years' experience working with children in the arts.
  • We have secured rehearsal space from the Deptford Co-operative for the project.
  • We have strong links to the community and have been offered marketing/PR support from Deptford Lounge/Albany.
  • We have trialed this project in the 2013 SEA ArtsFest and received positive feedback from audiences.
  • We've worked closely with local Vietnamese communities for two years, developing strong outreach and community support.
  • We have a pool of creatives and performers whom we have approached for this project.
  • We have a strong working relationship with Deptford Lounge and have secured their venue to host this project.
  • We have delivered numerous commissioned projects for Arts Council, Celebrating Sanctuary Festival and SEA ArtsFest.
  • We have done initial research into the project and selected three traditional Vietnamese folktales.

Rice Paper Tales is part of a wider tour of performances Trikhon Theatre is doing for 2016, we have been commissioned by Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham and Birmingham Mac as well as SEA ArtsFest to do these performances in Birmingham and Central London.

However, Trikhon is a Deptford based company and has a strong heart for the local community. We have been doing a lot of work for the community over the past two years and intend to continue to do so for 2016. We are passionate about integration in the area and would really love to bring this unique selection of stories home to Deptford where it's culturally and demographically relevant. Although the local arts and music scene is very vibrant, we have noticed that local British Vietnamese work is lacking and would be beneficial to the area.


Location Lewisham

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London Borough of Lewisham

How will the money be spent?Total £5,040

Rehearsal Space (1 week) - £800 (16%)
Performers (2) - £700 (14%)
Artistic Director - £500 (10%)
Creative Producer - £500 (10%)
Set/Costume Designer - £400 (8%)
Stage Manager - £350 (7%)
Performance Space (1 day) - £300 (6%)
Performance Space (1 day) - £250 (5%)
Props/Costumes - £250 (5%)
Marketing - £250 (5%)
Other - £740 (15%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Rehearsal Space (1 week)
Performers (2)
Artistic Director
Creative Producer
Set/Costume Designer
Stage Manager
Performance Space (1 day)
Performance Space (1 day)
Other Read More
  • Marketing Support
  • Spacehive fees
  • Insurance
  • Mentorship
  • Workshop Materials
  • VAT
  • Transaction Fees

Total £5,040

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