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Funded on Spacehive 16 July 2015

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Partnership of community groups/local people/businesses to revitalise & regenerate New Eltham high street & improve community/business engagement & make New Eltham a sustainable shopping destination.

Greenwich Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 16 Jul 2015!

New Eltham local shops, street furniture and its streetscape, looks tired and unappealing in places. Businesses are seeking support & commitments and initiatives needed to attract new and vibrant traders. For the first time key community based groups CANE and NERA have partnered, with the support of locally based councillors to create a collaborative master plan that balances the practical and the visionary. This project aims to regenerate the visual appeal of the high street, create a stronger New Eltham identity, support local businesses and drive inward investment and a sustainable future.

What we'll deliver:

  • 2. Devise and launch the New Eltham Business Association (NEBA) a membership and support network
  • 3. Plan and deliver the New Eltham Village Community Festival 2015 and secure sponsorship for 2016 and onwards
  • 4. Design and install 12 Cherry Tree 2-tier surrounds & launch adoption scheme with businesses/local people to maintain
  • 5. Design enhanced saddle planters on NE key junction railings & adoption scheme to maintain
  • 6. Enhance public realm seating furniture for community space
  • 7. Build on visual improvements to shopping and community area
  • 8. Purchase new street bench
  • 1. Two New Eltham Village Signs to be designed and installed at key entry/exit points to the area

Why it's a great idea:

2 existing community groups have joined forces for first time to maximise impact on local area.As volunteer bodies completely dependent on funding support.These relatively low cost project initiatives provide focus and immediate positive impact for all residents and businesses. This will bring different elements of the community together, influence a united approach & embed longer-term goals that all prepared to work towards.New Eltham has a no. of empty premises, growing population, situated in busy area, significant transport hub and close to local schools & other public services. New Eltham has a lot of untapped potential. Successful project outcomes will increase level of community engagement & participation & ensure future growth.This low cost project will attract new interest in area & encourage increased use of local shops, increase business confidence, job opps & encourage longer term investment in area.New Eltham Festival success will help lever sponsorship for future years.

Steps to get it done:

  • 2. Local traders to be commissioned for any related project work, alongside local volunteers
  • 3. Work with the Local Authority and key partners as appropriate
  • 4. Approach local businesses to solicit early support and potential project sponsorship
  • 5. Set strong delivery goals and a rigorous timetable
  • 6. Purchase planting, materials and street furniture primarily through local suppliers
  • 7. Appoint Festival Champion, agree dates and formalise programme
  • 8. Implement community consultation, communication and evaluation programme
  • 1. Build on the existing partnerships established and set up a Renew New Eltham Working Party

The Renew New Eltham project ultimately is about making a positive difference for the local New Eltham community and its local high street. The lead community organisations have been active for many years and continue to be fully committed to the local resident and business community. Both are volunteer led and all those involved are determined and fully committed to helping to influence and make a positive difference for all. Organisations communicate through the local library, local media and social media and networking. Eltham Residents' Association meets every month at Church Hall, All Saints Church, Bercta Road
Community Association New Eltham based at New Eltham Library

Location Greenwich

About the space

New Eltham


Royal Borough of Greenwich

How will the money be spent?Total £19,500

Plan & implement visual improvements to shopping area - £5,000 (26%)
New Eltham village sign 2 - £4,000 (21%)
design, produce village sign - £4,000 (21%)
Plan and install 12 Cherry Tree 2-tier surrounds with planting - £2,400 (12%)
Plan & deliver NE Community Festival - £2,000 (10%)
Agree & install new public realm furniture for community space - £1,000 (5%)
devise & launch NE business association - £700 (4%)
Design & install saddle planters on key junction railings - £400 (2%)
Other - £0 (0%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Plan & implement visual improvements to shopping area
New Eltham village sign 2
design, produce village sign
Plan and install 12 Cherry Tree 2-tier surrounds with planting
Plan & deliver NE Community Festival
Agree & install new public realm furniture for community space
devise & launch NE business association
Design & install saddle planters on key junction railings

Total £19,500

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