St Matthews Big Local (Leicester)

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St Matthews in Leicester was awarded £1Million from Local Trust in 2012. The money will be used  to help develop the St Matthews. In 2012 a steering group of committed local residents and works came together and met regularly and began to consult with over 650 members of the St Matthews community. It was evident that the key to the success of the project would be to ensure that everyone was involved in the decision making.

In March 2014 the St Matthews Big Local (SMBL) Partnership Board was formed. The partnership included a majority of residents and some local workers. The partnerships first priority was to formalise an area plan 

On 21st April 2016 St Matthews Big Local Leicester (166668) were awarded Charity status by the Charity Commision.

Our Shared Vision  -

We want St Matthews in Leicester to be a place:

Which is cleaner and greener

Where everyone is appreciated, valued and respected

Where everyone feels safe and secure

Where everyone can reach their potential and

local business flourish.

Where we can celebrate diversity, talent and creativity

We have a funding pot of £5,000 available this year to award to St Matthews residents or Leicester based VCS organisations who can help us deliver our vision in St Matthew's

Funding for projects:

St Matthews Big Local - Organisation fund.

St Matthews Big Local - Organisation fund.

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{{ 'WeCouldPledge1' | translate }} 1,000 {{ 'WeCouldPledge2' | translate }}
{{'CreateAProject_' | translate }} {{'ToBeMatchedToThisFund' | translate }}

St Matthew's Estate. - Residents Fund

St Matthew's Estate. - Residents Fund

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Backed projects: