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Crowdfund Guildford


Join the movement to imagine, create & fund local projects in Guildford

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Created by Guildford Borough Council in partnership with Spacehive, Crowdfund Guildford gives community groups the opportunity to imagine, create and fund projects that matter to them. Guildford residents know best what is needed in their neighbourhoods and have the skills and creativity to shape the future of Guildford. Crowdfund Guildford provides springboard for locally-led ideas to attract funding more easily, while enabling everyone who cares about their community to contribute - chipping in as little as £2 to help bring projects to life. As community groups become project-creators through Crowdfund Guildford, projects can attract funding through their local community, Guildford Borough Council, local businesses, foundations and more.
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Guildford Community Fund

Guildford Community Fund

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