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The Ripple Effect: Mental Health Film

Funded on Spacehive 17 July 2023

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The Ripple Effect: Mental Health Film

Mindstars (NE) CIC By Mindstars (NE) CIC

The Ripple Effect, a thought-provoking mental health documentary, coming face to face with the truth behind the long-term impact, and the “ripple effects” of poor mental health within North Tyneside.

North Tyneside District Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 17 Jul 2023!

Ellen Bridget, a passionate and young film and media student, directs this powerful independent documentary project that delves into the impact of poor mental health on the children and young people of North Tyneside. Through the voices of our community, the project sheds light on the reality of the crisis, while also showcasing the services that are striving to combat it. Despite the challenges posed by poor mental health, the documentary also highlights the resilience of the North Tyneside community in the face of adversity. As mental health issues impact people of all ages and backgrounds, "The Ripple Effect" can be felt throughout our community. This documentary offers valuable insights into the experiences of the people of North Tyneside.

What we'll deliver:

  • A deep dive film documentary into local mental health.
  • Series of events to showcase the documentary to the community.
  • An opportunity for the community and backers to be involved in the project

Why it's a great idea:

"The Ripple Effect" documentary offers a range of benefits to the North Tyneside community. By shedding light on the impact of poor mental health on young people, the film will increase awareness and understanding of this important issue. It will also help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage more open and honest conversations about mental health challenges. By highlighting the resilience of the community and showcasing valuable support services, the film will inspire positive action towards improving mental health services and support for young people. Additionally, by providing a platform for young people to share their experiences and have their voices heard, the film can empower and validate the perspectives of these individuals. Overall, "The Ripple Effect" has the potential to promote greater understanding, awareness, and action around mental health in North Tyneside.

Steps to get it done:

  • Equipment purchasing
  • Pre-launch meeting with Film Team
  • Introductions to community, statutory and voluntary services in the borough
  • Timetable of interviews
  • Film production
  • Film editing
  • Final sign off
  • Launch events to showcase the documentary

We believe strongly in preventative mental health support being the answer to an ongoing crisis. Directed by Ellen Bridget, 17 year old film and media student with lived experiences of mental health, the documentary will provide her with a platform to showcase her excellent work and help excel her career. We are passionate about the heritage and the talent within North Tyneside, The Ripple Effect will draw upon local artists for the soundtrack to make this a true North Tyneside piece. We also hope “The Ripple Effect” will help statutory services and local authorities shape future services based on the needs of the community and highlight how the voluntary sector can help reduce the ripple effect of poor mental health. Our aim is to inspire positive action towards improving mental health services and support for young people.

Location North Tyneside District

About the space

North Tyneside The area has a rich history, with evidence of human settlement dating back thousands of years, and it played an important role in the Industrial Revolution. Today, North Tyneside is known for its stunning coastline, cultural attractions, and strong community spirit.


North Tyneside Council

How will the money be spent?Total £8,983

Editing - £3,000 (33%)
Filming - £2,500 (28%)
Pre-Production - £800 (9%)
Event Launch Venue - £600 (7%)
Camera - £549 (6%)
Event Launch Marketing & Tickets - £400 (4%)
Other filming equipment - £326 (4%)
Video Editing Software - £238 (3%)
Other - £570 (6%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Event Launch Venue
Event Launch Marketing & Tickets
Other filming equipment
Video Editing Software
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT
  • Transaction fees


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Contingency for the project to protect against price fluctuation
  • Launch event for the film
  • Creation of a theatre piece working with drama students in North Tyneside

Total £8,983

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