Making Wembley Wonderful

Funded on Spacehive 14 November 2015

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Making Wembley Wonderful

Making Wembley Wonderful

CVS Brent By CVS Brent

Help us turn disused, neglected, high-street spaces into attractive centres for civic, commercial, educational and empowering services that improve local life and the local economy!

Wembley Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 14 Nov 2015!

Our goal is to reinvigorate five unused Wembley High Street retail units through meanwhile lease arrangements. These are in place till Nov 2015 and are expected to continue till Jan 2016.

Funds will cover non-revenue costs, including PCs, instruments, refurbishment, kitchenware, essentially items allowing us to run activities and services.

Delivery partners will assist us and benefit from rent free space to run activities, which will be open to all who access Wembley Central.

Various resources are being pulled into the project to “make things happen” and the total project value is £36,130. We have already secured a significant amount of £11,180, with £20k being requested from the Mayor's fund and a further £5k from cash donations.

Growth is emphasised in our project, as we will support local regeneration with the new development, support enterprise and employment, increase footfall .

The end result is a vibrant, visible, engaged and empowered community.

What we'll deliver:

  • 4x Business events (1/month) with ongoing telephone support: Improved life chances via business education
  • Employment support, e.g. CVs, job matching & application writing (1/wk minimum 16weeks): Better job prospects for locals
  • Magic breakfast (60days): Undernourished shcool children better positioned for learning
  • Our target is 200 residents engaged and impacted via Wonderful Wembley
  • Community film nights (1wk minimum 12weeks): Improved community cohesion via shared community viewing experiences
  • ESOL classes (1/wk, minimum 12weeks): 25 residents better able to integrate with their local community
  • Healthy cooking (1/wk, minimum 12weeks). 30 Residents equipped to improve their health
  • Income maximisation workshops (1/wk, minimum 12weeks) Residents with improved financial management and literacy skills
  • Indoor food growing displays and workshops (1/wk, minimum 12weeks): Improved health and well being of locals
  • IT classes for MS office and internet (1/wk, minimum 16weeks): Residents with improved IT literacy and job prospects
  • Music classes (guitar, keyboard) (1/wk, minimum 16weeks): Better community cohesion via community concert by attendees
  • Parent & Toddler playgroups (1/wk, minimum 16weeks): Improved community cohesion via bringing parents together

Why it's a great idea:

The inspiration and importance of the project are linked to it supporting the community which has a high proportion of residents with major barriers to upward social mobility. Statistics tell us the ward is one of Brent’s most financially excluded and most in need of affordable credit. Figures also highlight that household income is significantly less well-off than its surroundings. We believe this is an great idea because

*The initiative contributes to the overall growth and improvement of local life in Wembley central and surrounding areas.
* It does this through enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the high street by refurbishing and putting to use an abandoned corner of the high road which will be used to deliver subsidised life enhancing services. *These include quality education, skills development and training and recreation.
* Outside of this there will be employment and volunteering opportunities for locals, plus the support of local community led development strategies.

Steps to get it done:

  • CAPITAL EQUIPMENT: Purchasing capital equipment using effective procurement
  • MARKETING: Active promotion of services and activities among local residents
  • PROJECT COORDINATOR: Inducting coordinator. Selected according to ability, experience etc, with priority given to locals
  • PROJECT DELIVERY: Delivering of services and activities in line with project plan
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: CVS Brent will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of Wonderful Wembley
  • PROJECT PLAN: Timelines, goals, milestones, monitoring system etc initiated
  • RENOVATION: Cleaning up premises and ensuring they are fit for purpose
  • SELECTING DELIVERY PARTNERS: We currently have a list of deliverers, including volunteers, waiting to deliver services
  • AGREEING DELIVERY TERMS: Ensuring delivery and monitoring terms are in place
  • EVALUATION: Evaluating the project in line with the project plan, deliverables (including soft & hard targets)
  • MONITORING: Local volunteer committee will drive & oversee the project with CVS Brent and project manager support

CVS Brent has a long track record of delivering projects benefiting local communities including:

- Managing Well London Chalkhill (a project aimed at decreasing health inequalities experienced by Chalkhill residents);
- Supporting the Department of Media & Culture with the Digital Switch Over, via 4G Light Up Digital Outreach, through community outreach among Brent's voluntary and community sector
- Supporting and working with Brent hospitals and surgeries to promote information regarding recent important changes to local Accident & Emergency services
- Being a charity CVS Brent not only has an understanding but also a track record and commitment of managing charitable - income in accordance with funding agreements and best practice.

In addition CVS Brent has:

- Strong user involvement helping with the delivery of its projects and an active trustee board overseeing the strategic direction of the organisation.
- Experienced community development practitioners as staff

Location Wembley

About the space

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London Borough of Brent

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How will the money be spent?Total £37,678

Business Support Provider - £5,000 (13%)
Staff salaries (25hr/wk supevision, 16 weeks) - £5,000 (13%)
Utility costs, expenses, stationery, tea/coffees, admin support - £5,000 (13%)
Volunteers per week - £4,680 (12%)
PCs x 15 - £3,750 (10%)
Electrics (parts & labour) - £3,000 (8%)
Mobile kitchen, cookware - £1,750 (5%)
Furniture (sofas, tables, bean bags, chairs) - £1,750 (5%)
Software - £1,500 (4%)
2 x Laptops - £800 (2%)
Other - £5,448 (14%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Business Support Provider
Staff salaries (25hr/wk supevision, 16 weeks)
Utility costs, expenses, stationery, tea/coffees, admin support
Volunteers per week
PCs x 15
Electrics (parts & labour)
Mobile kitchen, cookware
Furniture (sofas, tables, bean bags, chairs)
2 x Laptops
  • Spacehive fees
  • 2 x pool tables
  • Console, TV & controllers
  • Sports equipment
  • Networking
  • 2 x table tennis tables
  • Food growing equipment
  • Fussball table
  • Air Hockey
  • VAT
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Transaction Fees

Total £37,678

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