from round ere

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from round ere

from round ere

Gorton Visual Arts By Gorton Visual Arts

Our project titled “from round ere ” is aimed to actively engage and outreach to local isolated vulnerable older people and young people, our project will connect them with their community.

Manchester Fundraising stage

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Pledges will only be charged if the project hits its funding goal of £7,527 by 30 Apr 2018

We will deliver a series of open workshop sessions by a professional team and group members at various local locations that focus on producing a diversity of creative work in various forms that focuses on peoples gathered stories about living in the area of Gorton, these stories will be developed and shared with the whole community to produce a visual informative representational that reflects the present day life in Gorton and the social history of the area .People of all ages working together will produce an exterior street mural on a local building that will be available for all local residents to engage with. Our project is aimed at developing a stronger community, extending the project work with a wealth of audiences from the whole community during a series of staged awareness events; we will extend local people’s voices.

What we'll deliver:

  • Long term available to all ,piece of Public Art celebrating the area's social history
  • unique opportunities in an area where no other exists, sharing local peoples life experiences
  • unite the community / address the lack of understanding between the young and older local people
  • exploring new ways of working with professionals
  • help promote social cohesion, social inclusion, improve people’s lives, health and well –being.
  • inspire / stimulate all participants , the wider community, increase social links with local groups / schoolss
  • offer opportunities to generate more volunteers becoming part of management and delivery of our work
  • offered new opportunities will increase new skills and training to all the local people involved

Why it's a great idea:

Our offered challenging creative activities that encourage innovation and experimentation in a safe and supportive environment to bring local people of all ages together, working as one, increasing understanding of each other and providing an intergenerational understanding of the local area to the existing local communities and its new comers. Our projects work will provide “a sense of pride “, “a sense of place”, break down barriers ,decrease the preconceptions surrounding older people/young people, and provide an opportunity for interactive dialogue between vulnerable older local people ,young people and all aspects of different people within our community . We have gathered and identified individuals, groups we want to engage with in this project. We have built good relationships and informed them of this project which has resulted in a strong response to help link them with other people in the communities where they live, improving the surrounding environment .

Steps to get it done:

  • Positive outcome from project discussions with local groups, local elderly residential centres, and young people.
  • Permission granted to go ahead and use the wall space for the Public Artwork.

We will engage up to 45 local isolated vulnerable people including the 14 group members who are all local residents, and up to 75 young local people ,the wider community, local schools, other groups, up to 2000 people will develop understanding and dialogue through discussion about the needs of local vulnerable people during the continue locally staged displays, outreached workshops the projects work will offer , this will provide a strong example how older and young people working together can create better understanding of each other and improve the environment where they live . Indirectly we aim to reach out and involve the wider community through social media, group blog, website, newsletters to a target audience of 6000.

Location Manchester

Manchester has 76 other projects and £345,000 in potential grant funding

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How will the money be spent?Total £7,527

Professional Freelance Lead Artist Project Delivery and management Costs - £2,200 (29%)
Professional Freelance Support Artist Project Delivery Costs - £2,000 (27%)
Studio Rented Studio Facility - £1,000 (13%)
Project Materials and Protective Clothing Costs - £575 (8%)
Project Evaluation Costs - £400 (5%)
Project Publicity and Promotion via group Blog and Social Media project updates costs - £280 (4%)
Rented room for a 4 week perod at Gorton Library - £200 (3%)
Volunteer Travel Expenses - £190 (3%)
Project Adminstration Costs - £100 (1%)
Other - £582 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Professional Freelance Lead Artist Project Delivery and management Costs
Professional Freelance Support Artist Project Delivery Costs
Studio Rented Studio Facility
Project Materials and Protective Clothing Costs
Project Evaluation Costs
Project Publicity and Promotion via group Blog and Social Media project updates costs
Rented room for a 4 week perod at Gorton Library
Volunteer Travel Expenses
Project Adminstration Costs
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £7,527

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