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21st Century Band Stands & Arts Park
21st Century Band Stands & Arts Park joined Our Manchester1 month ago

Welcome to our 21st Century Band Stand & Heritage Arts Park project - a dream to build a prototype Band Stand in purpose built park created for Perfomances and place a band stand in each local park, with a 21st century feel. To restore and revitalising community spirit, by bringing diverse talents and cultures together. A "live stage an Open stage", owned 'by the people, for the people'. The band stand will be surrounded by its own grounds, community market area and car boot sales area. Can you perform? do you wants to perform? on your own or together, with freedom in an open space? We can do this together..what do you think?..Looking for your ideas and input. Do you know a green space that fits the bill? Feel free to send your ideas and thoughts Our Motto “One act of random kindness” Our Aims - 21st century pop up musical events on a regular basis, throughout Manchester parks, showing off community talent, powered by green power, helping to promote sustainable local business

A Field of Dreams in Heaton Park
A Field of Dreams in Heaton Park joined Our Manchester1 month ago

Your support will help create a brilliant production with critically acclaimed actors; a summer school for young people and an internship programme for the stars of the future. Bring a picnic and come and see the show. Chat to us over a cuppa in the cafe, watch a rehearsal and share your ideas. See how you can help shape your neighbourhood park and influence the long term dream. "A Field of Dreams" is a legacy building vision! Feelgood are the new official theatre partner for Heaton Hall and Park and long-term, your help will establish an annual programme of drama, music and dance, giving theatre and Feelgood a home in the "cultural gem" of Heaton Park. Theatre in the park will encourage investment in the community, create employment and training for local people.

The Ginnel Gathering
The Ginnel Gathering joined Our Manchester1 month ago

Our neighbours come from variety of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and a lot of creative people also live here, many of whom are struggling to make a living. We also have a wonderful network of ginnels (alleyways) between the terraced houses which are currently just glorified rubbish dumps and we want to change this and bring people together. On 21 May 2017 our nine ginnels will be transformed into amazing event spaces to celebrate the arts and heritage of our neighbours,. Come and experience a West African Ginnel, with drumming and dance workshops and African food; a ginnel celebrating Jamaican culture, a Children's Ginnel, including games from around the world; Ginnel Grannies & Grandads, with elderly people sharing memories and advice; a Health and Wellbeing ginnel, a ginnel resembling a Syrian wedding with all the associated traditions and a ginnel showcasing the diverse music of the neighbourhood - all suggestions which have already been proposed!


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