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Spinningfields Art Gym
Spinningfields Art Gym joined Our Manchester1 week ago

Pop up art gym - after work/lunchtime, with perspective to becoming regular feature and rent a room for regular workshops. Up to ten easels with paints, brushes and lots of things to draw/paint. you work out every day, but what about your eye? everybody can click on FB, how about creating unique experience, developing your eye and brain with help of Betty Edwards technique, creating a sketch in your lunchtime or after work?... How long does it take? from 10 minutes to an hour. What level you should have in drawing? Any level, if you can write you can draw. You have to just to have courage to try something new. If you based in city centre, if you work in Spinningfields or Deansgate area - try it today!

from round ere
from round ere joined Our Manchester1 week ago

We're making a community mural. Our small team of socially-engaged professional artists will stage open workshops to develop ideas for a mural to be erected on a community building in a local park. We'll work with both vulnerable older people and with young people - from schools and 'uniform groups' - to create the mural. It'll be a 'visual storyboard' that uses local people own stories of the area's rich social history to celebrate the heritage of Gorton in east Manchester. But of course it's much more than that. It's about the social benefits that come from the planning and the making. We'll bring young and old together in this intergenerational project. We'll build personal self-esteem amongst participants who have few opportunities and we'll recreate a collective community pride in an increasingly diverse but often overlooked neighbourhood.

Bee in the City Ardwick
Bee in the City Ardwick joined Our Manchester1 week ago

<b>We are waiting to find out whether we need planning permission. In the unlikely event that we do and this is not secured, no money will be taken from backers.</b> Bee in the City 2018 will see 85 unique super-sized honey bee's placed around the City of Manchester as one of the cities largest ever public art exhibitions. 15 community groups in the city will be selected to house a customised 2m x 2m sculpture as a permanent fixture at their venue. Manchester Roller Sports would like to BEE a part of this legacy. Our user groups are extremely diverse and this project will allow us to demonstrate the values of collaboration, community engagement and cooperative working that drive our organisation. Our project will be run and led by our community of members and guests and will deliver a focal talking point and sense of identity to our local and wider communities.

N.I.A.M.O.S Radical Art & Culture Centre
N.I.A.M.O.S Radical Art & Culture Centre joined Our Manchester1 week ago

N.I.A.M.O.S Radical Art & Music Cultural Centre We want to re-develop a historically and culturally significant building into a community arts wellbeing space. Archive the musical history of 'last landmark venue left in this forgotten community. Jewel in the Crown of musical eras, originally Playhouse theatre 1902, BBC in 1960's, re-opened by Nina Simone in 1991 NIA. With your help we can create a venue for this generation 'paying homage to the place where scenes were born raised and nurtured' autonomous D-I-Y theatre space run by real people showcasing real experience, in real times connecting our lives through, events, and celebrations; 'a shared living room to connect in community life; The funding is for the equipment to get set-up and operate for 6 months to develop our business plan Stage 1: Crowdfunding to set-up a co-operative, exhibition/ events space with a micro-bakery/ brewtap. Developing a community kitchen and shared table. Designing studios for music art and health.

Community Fibre Optic Crumpsall
Community Fibre Optic Crumpsall joined Our Manchester1 week ago

Our neighbourhood is starting a crowdfunding in order to raise the needed sum proposed by BT Open Reach. New services would benefit over 100+ people thanks to an upgraded cabinet.

Kids MealBox Project
Kids MealBox Project joined Our Manchester1 week ago

• Our aim is to deliver a mix of good food provision and enrichment opportunities outside the busy school calendar year, not only will this help alleviate hunger to the most needy but also it can support working parents and those struggling with family food budgets in pressured holiday periods. It can also raise children's aspirations, offer safety and give opportunities for fun and socialising. • We at Coverdale & Newbank Community Association believe that to continue the Kids MealBox Project within Coverdale & Newbank Community will offer a crucial part of the solution to tackling non-term time child hunger. Families experiencing financial pressures are not only at greater risk of food insecurity, family stress, isolation, and poor health during the holidays. Our aim is to make parents more financially resilient and as part of being a member of the project they will have access to one to one financial advice through the One Money advice service and will also be encouraged to join a

Open Culture Community Centre
Open Culture Community Centre joined Our Manchester1 week ago

Together with volunteers it developed community hub which connects private, social and public sectors in long term partnership delivering service created and driven by local people. In co-operation with Manchester City Council, it has started dance, art, cooking and citizen discussion sessions to facilitate integration between neighbours from British and other ethnic background. We, women group was set up to promote social and cultural activities for women facing social isolation. It also embrace local community and provide support network for those facing problems of exclusion and adjustment. It encourages a friendly approach to community engagement and attracts participation from women who tend to be discouraged by more formal approaches. The emphasis on food, fun and creativity has enabled its members to make new friends, gain skills, become less isolated and improve their sense of well-being and level of confidence in their new British home.

Have IT Start to enjoy life
Have IT Start to enjoy life joined Our Manchester1 week ago

This is a community that needs new life putting into it and this is the right project to do it. This project involves the whole community from children, young people and adults. The youth club building will be a multi use building which we can use for the following: Youth club for the children and young people, baby crèche for mothers to meet and Socialise, Birthday Parties, counselling/Therapy, massage, Reflexology, individual and group work for Domestic Violence. Their is going to be two football teams with players fro the local area and the community club is going be set up to help support young people with behavioural problems through football working has an individual and team player. This project will bring the community together and will let people know that there is always somewhere to go when they are feeling down and need some kind of support to help them feel in a better frame of mind. This is something that will go on from generation to generation.

Gritty food
Gritty food joined Our Manchester1 week ago

plan to help homeless people run a cafe for homeless people and those sleeping rough to give them a purpose and sense of worth and to enable to give something back to the community

Simply Cycling on the Streets!
Simply Cycling on the Streets! joined Our Manchester1 week ago

We at Simply Cycling have taken part in the Manchester Day Parade and other local festivals and parades every year for the last seven years. This year will be no different but we need help to design and build structures to fit on our bikes that reflect the theme of this years Parade - 'MAGIC!' We love being part of community events and being out on the streets with the bikes that have given us such enjoyment and independence.


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