A New Front Door for Chats Palace

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A New Front Door for Chats Palace

A New Front Door for Chats Palace

Chats Palace Arts Centre By Chats Palace Arts Centre

Chats Palace needs a new front door! Our landmark building is iconic but can you get inside - probably not. We're tired of being (a)accidentally locked out (b)asked if we're still open.Time to change.

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Homerton Library opened in 1913 and became Chats Palace Arts Centre in 1976. The outside of the building hasn't changed much in the intervening 100 years. We think it's time we put a new front door on that actually welcomes our community inside. Chats Palace is a Grade ll listed building, which means that we will need to obtain not just Planning Permission but Listed Building consent as well. So let's get this right first time. Loan us the power of your imagination to dream up a new building frontage for 2017, one that has somewhere great to sit as watch the world go by, one that makes its easy for you to come inside whatever your mobility issues. We'd like our face to be one that says a lot about who Hackney is and what we care about. Above all we'd like our new front door to have the ability to make you smile, to feel pride in your community, to give you a sense that you are part of a civic movement that is bigger and brighter because we are all in it together.

What we'll deliver:

  • install a new front door that make the building accessible to all
  • install 10 bike racks for community use
  • commission local makers to create a new outside seating area
  • commission local artists to create a building sign that says 'Chats Palace Arts Centre'
  • work with local artists and local heritage conservationists on lighting the outside of our building
  • commission local makers to design and plant a new kerbside garden

Why it's a great idea:

Chats Palace is a much-loved local landmark. In order to play a proactive role in making Hackney a great place to live, we need to creatively and collaboratively engage with the practical challenges presented by our Grade ll listed building. Our 40th anniversary was an apt moment to pause and consider what makes Chats Palace unique and how best to fit us for the future. The outcome was a reinvigorated artistic vision and programme rooted in questions and concerns that engage us all on a daily basis. Our building need to reflect an activist responses to issues of equality and the divisions within communities. Remaining true to the definition of civic activism, supporting individual and collective actions, designed to identify and address issues of public concern, we want to promote a way of working together that will make a difference. Starting with our own front door seems like the right place ......

Steps to get it done:

  • Four community open days scheduled across project timeline
  • Local architect selected and brief approved
  • Project creative team appointed
  • Consultation underway with local heritage & conservation officer
  • Consultation underway with LBH Property Team
  • Volunteer programme finalised and launched
  • Community volunteer recruitment begins
  • Volunteer teams completed
  • Mini-project timelines agreed and shared
  • First designs received and circulated for feedback
  • Second designs received and circulated for feedback
  • Third designs received and circulated for feedback
  • Designs approved and adopted
  • Application for planning permission submitted
  • Application for listed building consent submitted
  • Mini-project timelines reviewed, updated and shared

It is just as well that Chats Palace has such a landmark frontage, because we don't currently have permission to hang a sign saying 'Chats Palace' on the building. Despite having been here for 41 years.....

Location Hackney

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How will the money be spent?Total £89,940

Direct costs: accessible door, entrance lobby and path - £15,000 (17%)
Administration: project manager - £12,000 (13%)
Direct costs: new building signage with display cases - £10,000 (11%)
Direct costs: building external lighting - £10,000 (11%)
Professional fees: architect - £6,000 (7%)
Professional fees: 2 x local makers - £4,000 (4%)
Professional fees: 2 x local visual artists - £4,000 (4%)
Marketing: local engagement campaign - £3,000 (3%)
Administration: office & overheads - £3,000 (3%)
Professional fees: surveyor - £3,000 (3%)
Other - £19,940 (22%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Direct costs: accessible door, entrance lobby and path
Administration: project manager
Direct costs: new building signage with display cases
Direct costs: building external lighting
Professional fees: architect
Professional fees: 2 x local makers
Professional fees: 2 x local visual artists
Marketing: local engagement campaign
Administration: office & overheads
Professional fees: surveyor
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Administration: legal fees & planning permission
  • Direct costs: landscape kerbside garden with seating
  • Professional fees: garden designer
  • Direct costs: bike racks
  • Marketing: launch event
  • VAT
  • Marketing: open meetings

Total £89,940

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