At WEPT, we believe a highly skilled workforce results in a positive impact on the community as whole. To do that, we needed a dedicated space as we believe strongly about creating a space of belonging. So, we designed STEPS Project. We equally felt that having lived and worked in the community, we really wanted to create an intentional creative hub where the community, our team members, and our product and service offers are really at the centre of what we do. We’re passionate about people in our community working towards achieving their dreams in collaboration with other local organisations in not only help nurture and prepare people into fulfilling their dreams. Although we specialise in the creative industries – fashion design and garment construction. But also, keen to help nurture not just our beneficiaries but also other people to go on and do many other things Unfortunately, due to personal reasons our campaign paused for weeks but we’re back on track, having already achieved over 72% of our ultimate target, to continue maintaining the momentum. We’re equally aware of the difficult economic conditions but would greatly appreciate your help and support however little it is, especially now that we’re in the FINAL STRETCH to the finishing line. So, we are appealing to you again, to continue backing this important community focused project to enable us to achieve our target of £37,129 by 1 February 2022.