In response to your generous donation to our Crowdfunder, the Stand Out team would like to officially thank you for your support! Without the support of people like yourself, we wouldn’t be able to continue with our work. We’re incredibly grateful to know that others are enjoying what we do as much as we are, and it means the world to all of us to have people considerate enough to help us in our endeavours of hosting a Burnley Pride Event! Of course, if you would like to continue to support our project, then there are ways to do so without having to donate financially to our cause. For example, if you would be able to please share word of the Stand Out team (who we are, what we do and what we’re trying to do) alongside sharing our Crowdfunder with others, then we would be immensely appreciative of your kindness and generosity! The more people who know about the project, the more people there are who can extend their support to our work just as you have. This support doesn’t have to be financial and could instead be through sharing the fundraiser themselves, or by offering to collaborate with our project to aid in our work (as we’re always looking for people who have their own experiences to share, or who may potentially be able to lend us their creative skills – and yes, the same applies to you too if you feel you may be able to assist us with our work in such a way!). If you’d like to use social media to tell people about our project, you can use the links below and share Blaze’s posts regarding the project and Crowdfunder to your own platforms: Once again, a massive thank you from all of us for your support! Kind Regards, The Stand Out Team