Well we've been busy. Lots of hard work has been going on behind the scenes in getting our permissions secured for the location, and we are very happy to announce that our venue for next year will be Hope Street! Home of the Philharmonic and The Everyman, the only street in the world with a cathedral at both ends. To celebrate, we did a mini pop-up, which we are now able to use across our platforms to help with the crowdfunder. Due to the issues thrown up by lockdown Covid-19, trying to work with some very busy council staff, we are behind on our timescale for meeting the deadline, but the great news is that we now have our location. This means we are now approaching local businesses and residents in the Hope Street area, for their support and pledges, and have already had some very promising chats. We will update you again next week regarding our deadline, but for the moment, please keep sharing and getting those pledges in! Love, The sPark It Team.