Selsey Care Shop

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Selsey Care Shop

Selsey Care Shop

Selsey Community Forum By Selsey Community Forum

We want to create on our High Street a one stop shop to provide community information, arrange activities to combat loneliness, promote a dementia friendly town and offer support to Carers.

Selsey Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 20 Jul 2018!

This prominent location, 121 High Street, Selsey, will be open from 9:30-4 each weekday and for three hours on Saturday and Sunday. It will have at least two staff at all times ready to talk to those OF ALL AGES who phone or come in. From it information will be given to sign post friends and newcomers to local activities. It will organise daily phone calls, lunches, teas, films, newsletters, befriending and social interaction to combat loneliness. It will seek to inform all residents about helping people living with dementia to be treated with understanding, respect and kindness. It will organise desired activities around friendship, music, mental stimulation, craft, art, sport and exercise. Lots will include all generations. It will provide support groups for Carers and a listening ear, information, treats and personal responses for those on the Manhood Peninsula. Working with local groups, agencies and medical practices the Care Shop will be the go-to place for adult care.

What we'll deliver:

  • We will open and sustain Selsey Care Shop
  • We will seek to combat loneliness
  • We will seek a dementia friendly community
  • We will care for Carers.

Why it's a great idea:

We want this Shop fully open by September 1 to provide information, activities and support for local people. There are large numbers of older people in our town. All can keep active. There is so much going on in our town. We can advertise, promote and signpost events. We will run a community diary and publish a simple monthly newspaper. We will give welcome packs to newcomers. We will invite lonely people to activities and provide transport. We will work with all businesses and groups to be dementia friendly. This is fast growing condition producing stigma, confusion, slowness, isolation and communication challenges. We will help people living with it to experience dignity and usefulness. We will offer thoughtful support to Carers by phone, email, website and face to face contact. Outings, respite, treats and practical help will be offered. The Selsey Care Shop will meet a growing local need through lots of experienced volunteers and staff. Great project...needs your support .

Steps to get it done:

  • Have 25 members of Dementia Action Alliance by 31/12/18
  • Have 20 activities running by 31/3/19
  • Create 400 dementia friends by 30/6/19
  • Create support for 30 new Carers by 31/8/19
  • Open Care Shop by 1/9/18

We anticipate the Shop will have a paid manager and administrator. Otherwise it will be volunteer led. Working in cooperation with Alzheimer's Society, Carers Support West Sussex, Crossroads Care, local care homes and councils plus charities and voluntary groups it will coordinate local activity, welcome newcomers, befriend the lonely and those living with dementia and support Carers. The offer will be to all ages and help our senior friends to age well. During the first year we will seek to fundraise, sell merchandise, secure local sponsorship, encourage donations and attract funding to give long term sustainability to the work.


Location Selsey

Selsey has 33 other projects and £675,000 in potential grant funding

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