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18/05/2017 - Ongoing

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We are interested in:

Sport & Play

Parks & Gardens

Arts & Culture


Food & Farming

Streets & Infrastructure

That will impact:

Helped the environment

Boosted the economy

Increased volunteering, jobs & education

Supported arts, culture & heritage

Promoted activity & leisure

In the following areas:

London Borough of Barnet

Barnet Together Fund

We want to hear your ideas for improving Barnet! Whether enhancing high streets, neighbourhoods, or parks, or simply by bringing people together. Submit your idea and let’s make a difference together.

Projects we're interested in funding

You know what would help bring your neighbourhood together, improve the local area and build community spirit. These are the things that make a community tick. We want to hear about your ideas for improving Barnet and, where possible, to help make them a reality. Projects could be focused on physical improvements that leave a lasting legacy or they could be events or activities that last just for one day or one week, but which bring people together and help build community. We will review funding applications for all types of projects but, in this round, are particularly keen to support activities that focus on improving Barnet's high streets and town centres, as well as those that help people to develop or improve employment skills.

The outcomes of our fund

We believe this funding will help deliver a range of benefits. In this round, we are particularly interested in supporting: • Improvements to Barnet’s town centres and high streets • Opportunities to develop skills needed to find a job • The local business community and those who work in Barnet Other outcomes that we would like to support are: • Environmental improvements, such as in parks and other shared spaces • Improved health and well-being • Activities that animate public spaces and bring people together • Broad community involvement, especially among residents that have not been involved in community projects before Individual projects don’t need to address all of the above, but when we are reviewing projects for funding, we’ll be looking for them to hit at list one of these (and hopefully more) – particularly those in the top three bullet points!

We're here to help!

We will be hosting a number of workshops in Barnet for people interested in finding out more about crowdfunding. Please check back here for dates and venues. If, for any reason, we cannot fund your project, we still want to help you make it a success by hosting your idea on the Barnet Together crowdfunding site and helping you to raise money from other sources.