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Movement app

Create a vibrant hub for your initiative, build a community of project creators and backers to fuel your missiong, then measure and showcase your impact.

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Lead the change you want to make

The Movement App is built around the idea that initiatives succeed when others are inspired to get involved.

Designed with Britain’s leading councils, brands and grant makers, the App is a flexible tool that allows you to create an inspiring focus for the change you want to make, build an engaged community of project creators and backers to help you succeed, and measure and showcase the impact you make together.

Whether you’re looking to foster a vibrant community of project creators and backers to transform your town, inspire young people to create projects across the UK, or build a network of backers alongside your own grant funding stream, the Movement App is your essential change-making solution.

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Customise your Page

Brand your page

Create a beautiful microsite for your initiative in minutes and style it with your own branding.

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Customise your Page

Add your content

Upload text, images and videos to explain your Movement and how to get involved.

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Customise your Page

Activate your message

Get branding assistance when creating your site from our Activation Team.

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Activate a Community

Connect with likeminded doers

Get intelligently matched with projects and supporters doing things you care about - and celebrate them on your microsite.

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Activate a Community

Gather support

Build an ecosystem of support for projects, whether funds, skills or stuff, by inviting organisations to add their support to your Movement.

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Activate a Community

Post events and updates

Post a rich message with links, images and videos to everyone who has liked, supported and followed your movement.

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Bring your Impact to Life

Track your journey

A vibrant timeline catches all the buzz and excitement as your Movement grows.

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Bring your Impact to Life

View your impact

Track your Movement's impact as it supports more projects.

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Bring your Impact to Life

Share press coverage

Share published articles, quotes and news about your projects to understand the reach of your Movement.

Join the biggest names in fuelling community-led transformation across the UK

Our partners include the leading innovators in government, enterprise and the charity and voluntary sector. Learn how we're working together to fuel change, increase impact and ensure sustainability in communities across the UK.

Interested? Get in touch

Our dedicated team will help you tailor an activation package to suit your needs and ambitions.

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