You brilliant bunch! We hit two campaign milestones yesterday - 50% funded (sing it with us “woah, we’re half way there!”) and the crucial threshold for 50 backers. All your pledges - both the large and the small - have made this happen. There has been a lot of kitchen-based dancing from our team to celebrate each time one of you has backed the campaign. THANK YOU for being a generous bunch and getting the Chinatown Champions to this point. You are fantastic and we are more determined than ever to get us to 100% funded. We needed 50+ backers to be eligible for the Mayor of London’s consideration. Sadiq Khan is able to give up to 50% of a project total so we’ll be focusing this week on showing him why Championing London Chinatown’s Heritage is worth his support. You can help by liking and commenting on the project page - we’re told this makes a big difference in catching the Mayor’s team’s attention. The campaign page widget for this works through facebook. We have a few comments so far but need more, more, MORE! Please take 5 minutes today to leave your message and give us the best chance of securing support from the Mayor’s office. We’ll also be releasing short videos on social media this week where videos of inspiring people will explain why this work is so important - remember, this will be the FIRST piece of permanent public interpretation about East and South East Asian history in London’s Chinatown. You can record your own video and share it with us - we want the GLA to hear us as loudly as possible that this project MUST happen. We’ll be working hard this week to get more backers, more comments, more likes and shares and showing the support we have for the campaign. And we’ll be dancing around our kitchens to celebrate your kindness, your generosity and your support. Thank you to each of our brilliant campaign backers from Team China Exchange.