Great news - we now have 73 backers and 64% of the total needed for the Piazza project. On Saturday 29 July the GPG marquee will be up at the shops and, between 12 am and 2 pm, there will be a free BBQ and drinks plus the GPG band playing. Please come along and bring your neighbours and friends who may not yet have made a pledge. We are in the process of taking the campaign to businesses and corporations across Chiswick, for example those at Chiswick Business Park and Fullers Brewery. If you are connected with a business in Chiswick that may be interested in pledging in exchange for publicity and potentially a permanent plaque at the shops please contact us at Look out for articles in Chiswick W4 and local publications for updates on progress and ideas for the Piazza design from the community. A big thank you for all your pledges so far and please do let your friends and neighbours know about the project's progress.