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Help us make a greener London!

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Help us make a greener London!

Help us make a greener London!

Greenseed Ltd. By Greenseed Ltd.

Gardening just got better! We are creating an app which will revolutionise the gardening experience, and bring local people together to live more sustainably, whilst becoming happier and healthier.

London Delivery stage

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Gardening is incredibly beneficial - it is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and for the environment. Urban gardening is increasing in popularity in London, but the experience is not yet optimised to its full potential.

Greenseed will connect like-minded people within their communities, and allow them to share, ask questions, and get inspired about all things gardening. With Greenseed you will be able to swap seeds, gardening products like plants and tools, and gardening services like digging and watering. This way, if you are growing tomatoes, and someone nearby is growing potatoes – you can have both tomatoes and potatoes. You’ll even be able to create and customise your own gardening calendar, and if you need a little help we’ll provide advice about what you can grow each month just in case you wanted a little inspiration.

Together we can we all collaborate to make the city a greener and healthier place, but we need your help to get it funded!

What we'll deliver:

  • Log and share your gardening experience, such as what you're growing, and gain inspiration from others
  • Swap seeds, gardening products like plants or tools, and gardening services with local people
  • Transform gardening into a fun and social activity by connecting with like-minded people in your community
  • Users will be able to customise their gardening calendar and track their progress
  • If you're lacking inspiration it'll provide you with advice about what you can grow every month
  • In the app you'll be able to see who is gardening around you and connect with like-minded people
  • You'll be able to ask questions and get real time advice from people in your community

Why it's a great idea:

Greenseed will strengthen communities and encourage people to take up the healthy hobby of gardening. It is important to grow greens for biodiversity, reducing pollution and landfill, and living organically.

It is time to start using technology for good, as well as for social and personal benefit. Everyone in London uses apps, and this is a great way of making a difference in a fun way, whilst getting to know our neighbours.

Whether it is growing plants on your windowsill, allotment, or greenhouse, we can all make a difference and feel great. Whatever it is, Greenseed will provide you with the connection, support, and motivation to get the most from your experience.

We have developed the first version of our app, but there are operational costs for running the server and maintenance. The more people we reach the more beneficial it will be for each person, each community, and the environment; this is why we are running campaigns around London. For all of this we need your help.

Steps to get it done:

  • Maintain and improve upon the app according to feedback.
  • We started approaching garden centres in London for partnerships starting July’15.
  • Have 500,000 Londoners using Greenseed by the end of 2016, and be making London a greener, healthier, happier place.
  • Launch on App store in October'15
  • Launch on Play store in January’16.
  • Start developing Android app in November’15.
  • We are working with iDEA London to develop our app and ensure it has the best possible user experience.
  • We will launch our beta iOS app by September’15.

There is huge potential with where this app can go, and the positive impact it can have on communities, and on London. Urban gardening initiatives can be organised through the app, and we also plan to reach out to schools; we believe that teaching children about where food comes from, and how they can be self-sufficient and sustainable, is very important for their future.

We can’t wait to make London a greener, more community based city!

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How will the money be spent?Total £5,473

Server costs (to be able to operate the platform) - £1,500 (27%)
Community campaigns around London - £1,500 (27%)
Legal expenses - £1,000 (18%)
Maintenance of platform - £1,000 (18%)
Other - £473 (9%)

Costs Breakdown

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Server costs (to be able to operate the platform)
Community campaigns around London
Legal expenses
Maintenance of platform
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £5,473

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