Wow everyone, thanks so much for blowing our socks off with your support so far. In only a week, an amazing **96 backers** have pledged **£4830** towards our lovely event! We hope this means you’ll be joining us on the day, too? Whether you’ve shared our campaign, pledged £5 or a £100 pounds (or, in the case of the Cumberland Arms, supported us in-kind with the space to make it happen...) you have our heartfelt gratitude - and you’re helping us to bring people together at this little turning point in history, when we maybe, just maybe, have a chance to try a different way of doing things. It’s all hands on deck at the minute for the LITM team - getting the programme sorted, designing posters and organising decoration-making sessions. Have you seen our survey about celebrations yet? If not, and you’re local to the area, check it out here! We’re keeping everything crossed that we’ll hit our target, so please do...: - Keep pledging! - Pester your friends & family to support us too - Share the link to our project with everyone you know! :) Thankyou, we love you all. Love is the Map xxx