Crystal Palace Park Theatre and Cinema

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Crystal Palace Park Theatre and Cinema

Crystal Palace Park Theatre and Cinema

Crystal Palace Park Theatre By Crystal Palace Park Theatre

Crystal Palace Park Theatre is an exciting new open air theatre and arts venue that will be part of the area's regeneration programme.

Bromley Idea stage

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The Great Exhibition of 1851 ("a palace of very crystal") in Hyde Park was moved to the Crystal Palace site in 1854, it was designed to impress, educate, entertain and inspire, and became an international attraction - that is exactly what our venue will do. CPPT will run this trial season for residents of Crystal Palace and South London - an alternative to commercial West End/South Bank theatre productions, we will offer theatre, cinema, rehearsal rooms and art gallery space. We can contribute towards the park becoming a ‘National and International tourist destination’ for the arts. With an amazing team including leaders in every arts sector and in consultation with Artistic Director David Fry. We are local individuals (not developers or corporations) who have each worked in the arts for up to 20 years. We will give every crowd funder over £25 a free ticket to opening night. This is an evolving project so input welcome at all times.

What we'll deliver:

  • build an 800 temporary open air theatre, cinema, rehearsal room and art gallery
  • provide rehearsal space for local community groups to use - schools, dance clubs, gym clubs, acting clubs
  • give a restoration levvy per ticket sold to the regeneration of the Italian terraces
  • provide a wide programme of entertainment including cinema to suit the diverse local community
  • Create a home for a newly formed Open Air Theatre Consortium to include The Annual Open Air Theatre Awards
  • provide a venue to showcase new and emerging local and national artists in all mediums via pre-performance trailers
  • promote, maintain, improve and advance education in artistic taste and appreciation

Why it's a great idea:

CPPT will bring West End shows and touring productions both national and international to South London over the month. CPTT will contribute financially with a contribution from every ticket sold to the restoration of the historic Italian Terraces at Crystal Palace Park allowing the community to be part of the historical regeneration of the park. With incredible views as the backdrop, CPPT will also act as an open air cinema. We will have a huge outreach programme with including educational workshops and a commitment for local community groups like schools, local amateur dramatics companies and we will also include Q&A sessions in our programming enabling local residents to meet high profile leads of their fields and find out more about their motivations. We will have community ballot of free tickets for local residents.

Steps to get it done:

  • to enable the staffing of head office, ticketing, marketing and community engagement being key roles
  • to provide an app for ticket buying, translation, hearing aids, vision impaired aids
  • to programme new and emerging artists as previews to every performance
  • to programme national and international work surprising audiences through its design, staging and content.
  • To move to architectural drawings and plans for the structure

We are committed to using and promoting local business to build and support the project with a large hospitality area that will feature local pop ups so residents can just come and eat and drink in one of the most spectacular positions in London. We will be working closely with GLA, Bromley Council and the surrounding 4 other councils to make sure this really is the people's theatre playing shows the local residents want to see at a cost that everyone can afford. We will also be the founder and home to the Open Air Theatre Consortium - this has already attracted nationwide open air theatres who will work together to create a stronger image for Open Air Theatres internationally, work to optimise web presence, create open air tour and start an Open Air Theatre Awards Scheme. We will also build a new app for ticketing, translation to productions, hearing and visual impaired tool, interaction during the shows like uploading images and reviews to social media in real time.


Location Bromley

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