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Croydon Phoenix

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Croydon Phoenix

Friends of the Phoenix Croydon By Friends of the Phoenix Croydon

The installation of the Phoenix artwork at Fairfield Halls is a catalyst for a first public art event, joined up arts programme and parade to celebrate Croydon's art Scene with Chinese New Year.

Croydon Delivery stage

pledged of £17,846

Sorry this project was unsuccessful, we did not reach our fundraising goal.

On Sunday February 7th 2016 Hale Man's artwork, Phoenix Rising will be on display at Fairfield Halls to mark and symbolise Croydon's story of transformation and new beginnings. This imposing artwork with its 8m long copper tail will be exhibited on a new exhibition stand to be seen by the Croydon public for up to 5 months. By having a parade around the centre of Croydon, we will be developing new audiences and engaging with local people. This will be the first joined up arts programme with art galleries in central Croydon to promote and celebrate the town’s artistic renaissance, and various exhibitions, workshops and performances will be held at galleries along the route . At the Fairfield Hall, there will be food stalls to showcase Croydon’s culinary and artistic diversity and the display of the Phoenix. The Parade and Installation of Phoenix Rising will provide an exciting, symbol of Croydon’s regeneration and be a joyous celebration of the cultural diversity within the borough.

What we'll deliver:

  • We will agree a route for the parade with the council and emergency services.
  • We will carry out a risk assessment for the day with support of Croydon Council
  • There will be a parade with lion dancing and performances in Central Croydon.
  • There will be a joined up arts programme of activities for the public
  • We will fabricate and install Phoenix artwork on a new exhibition stand
  • We will have accredited Stewards from SFM to provide temporary traffic control for the day
  • We will have applied for Temporary Traffic Order from Croydon Council to secure the Route
  • We will have public liability Insurance to cover the event
  • We will manage the project to deliver a quality and professional event
  • We will provide a variety of Chinese music, dance and theatre groups to provide entertainment on the day.
  • We will provide opportunities for food stalls at the Fairfield Halls and a performance space at the Arnhem Gallery

Why it's a great idea:

The Phoenix is a universal symbol of transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Originally it was commissioned for the Museum of London, it now symbolises the story of Croydon
We believe the whole community of Croydon will benefit from having this first public art sculpture professionally displayed at the Fairfield Halls. The parade for Chinese New Year will enable us to promote the new art galleries and emerging art scene in Croydon. We aim to inspire and create opportunities for the local residents to participate in art activities. We will use this symbol of hope and regeneration as a catalyst to continue enhancing and bring together the artistic revival to Croydon’s businesses, enterprises and raise community activity. By bringing different art groups together in this ambitious grassroots arts celebration, we will be in a stronger position to push forward for a more permanent visual and performing arts venue in the centre of Croydon by developing a shared vision for the arts.

Steps to get it done:

  • We will co-ordinate with other art groups to provide activities for the arts programme
  • We will co-ordinate music, dance and theatre performances on the day
  • We will co-ordinate with all stakeholders to deliver parade, arts programme, food stalls on the day
  • We will Fund raise for the event
  • We will get an exciting exhibition stand fabricated for Phoenix Rising installation and hanging equipment
  • We will have road closures, accredited stewards for the event, LA to inform TFL
  • We will have Temporary Road Closure and permission for use of Queens gardens and college green
  • We will hold emergency services meeting with LA: police, ambulance etc..
  • We will manage budget, deliver the timetable of plan of activities on time.
  • We will perform a risk assessment and insurance cover for the event
  • We will recruit 20 volunteers through of Croydon Volunteer Centre volunteers

We welcome donations of any size for our project, but we are also offering individuals and businesses/ organisations the opportunity to have their names marked on the feathers and tails of the Croydon Phoenix.

1. Individuals - for £10 each can have their name on a copper feather

2. Businesses can donate the following amounts to have the name of their business marked on a tail and will receive a shout out via Twitter and Facebook.

· Small businesses donations of £150-£250
· Medium Businesses donations of £250 -£500
· Large businesses donations of £500 and above

3. Group donations

4. Community groups including Schools

(For example Children can club together with £1 donation towards school donation)

Support the artistic regeneration of Croydon by helping Phoenix Rising to fly!

Location Croydon

About the space

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Croydon Council

How will the money be spent?Total £17,845

Bespoke display base for Phoenix - £8,418 (47%)
Arts materials and equipment - £1,671 (9%)
Cost of hanging equipment for installation - £1,110 (6%)
Accredited Street Wardens - £1,014 (6%)
Lion dance for the parade - £700 (4%)
PR and marketing, leaflets, posters - £600 (3%)
Public liability Insurance - £600 (3%)
Decorations and events costs lanterns - £500 (3%)
Delivery of new bespoke exhibition base to Fairfield - £490 (3%)
Refreshments for event and private viewing - £400 (2%)
Other - £2,342 (13%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Bespoke display base for Phoenix
Arts materials and equipment
Cost of hanging equipment for installation
Accredited Street Wardens
Lion dance for the parade
PR and marketing, leaflets, posters
Public liability Insurance
Decorations and events costs lanterns
Delivery of new bespoke exhibition base to Fairfield
Refreshments for event and private viewing
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Transport costs of artwork to Fairfield Halls
  • licence for Music & performance
  • Traffic Management Order
  • VAT

Total £17,845

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