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Social Roots Food Van and Food garden
Social Roots Food Van and Food garden joined Croydon LIVE1 month ago

We would like to purchase a catering van and create a plant based super truck that will be able to offer healthy Plant-Based meals for all people in our community. The food truck of choice will be converted to Bio fuel. All meals, snacks, and treats will all be plant-based, this is a direct-action food truck here to showcase plant based meals and teach people healthy cooking and eating alternatives. This truck will allow Social Roots CIC to have a long-term options for delivering our ethos and food. The long-term aim is to have a positive impact on heath and create wider awareness around plant based living. Alongside this we aim to develop our allotment into a food garden that would help to provide local ingredients to be used by the CIC. This space will be set up for the community and managed by those in the community, encouraging cohesion and social engagement. This allotment space will help those without gardens to have an input as well as keep people fit and healthy.

Inspiring the youth
Inspiring the youth joined Croydon LIVE1 month ago

Thornton Rangers Academy is a unique concept based our initial plan of a local football team with the main emphasis on the principle of fair play, equality and teamwork. Our aim is to bring together children from different social or cultural backgrounds. Through football we promote mutual respect and tolerance, not only on the field but also in everyday life. The project is associated with a local nursery and primary schools around the Thornton Heath area, our parent volunteers put together teams that organises tournaments, public events, workshops and other educational activities for children and young people from the Academy. Already we have 2 young FA qualified coaches with DSB funded by the academy.

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