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Croydon Creative Media Hub
Croydon Creative Media Hub joined Croydon LIVE5 days ago

Online media has become an integral part of modern life. It provides incredible tools for promoting businesses, causes and creative projects. But without access to training, equipment and other resources it is difficult to produce something that will stand out. We will provide courses in video editing, photo manipulation and other creative skills and the equipment to put those skills into practice. We will run a jobs board with both paid and volunteer projects to for those wanting to earn money and expand their portfolios. This will also help businesses, charities and community groups reach the people they need to complete their media projects. On top of all this we will be launching a ‘first of it’s kind’ community led TV channel. The programming will be produced by and for the local community and will include programs for entertainment as well as informative shows that further education and social awareness.

Croydon Community Kitchen
Croydon Community Kitchen joined Croydon LIVE2 weeks ago

We started this crowdfunding idea to find and fund a venue which we had found hard to come by to date. However, in a stroke of good fortune, Pete Leveson, at South Norwood Baptist Church offered to share with us their tremendous facilities, which means we can now look to get bigger and better. We want to do several things, from small to quite big, and this crowdfunding should enable all those things. We need some equipment, boring stuff for health and safety, but all very important. We need to get loads of printing done to spread the word so we can get as many people joining in as we can, so we can have as big affect as possible. Finally, probably later this year, we want to buy an old food van, so we can expand the project and reach those people within our community that are unable to come to us. Thanks for your time. The South Norwood Community Kitchen Team

Me2You Community Radio for Croydon
Me2You Community Radio for Croydon joined Croydon LIVE1 month ago

The CIC's objects (the Objects) are: To promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of Croydon (particularly but not exclusively of Pakistani, Indian, Latin and European origin) the provision of a community radio as a recreational facility for individuals who have need of such a facility by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of the said inhabitants; To advance education in particular vocational education and training in radio broadcasting and media skills, techniques and work; To promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public and in particular by promoting good relations between people in the United Kingdom who are of differing racial, cultural or ethnic backgrounds and by providing information to those who may have difficulty in enforcing their rights

new hoggin path to access 2 pond benches
new hoggin path to access 2 pond benches joined Croydon LIVE1 month ago

A new path needs to be marked out, cut, dug, then filled with coarse ballast and topped with a fine ballast to enable walking access to two little used benches. The benches are in a perfect spot for views over the pond and thereby views of the many waterfowl that frequent this beautiful ornamental park.

Plan to regenerate a historical station
Plan to regenerate a historical station joined Croydon LIVE1 month ago

The primary project is Blueberry Student Magazine. We cover local news, events and light-hearted politics. By renovaing the abandoned building, we want to turn it into a studio/office. Our aim is to nurture the talent of young aspiring journalists and graphic designers by allowing them to visit the building to contribute to Blueberry Student and in the process, earning themselves some extra money. I also plan to run two parallel side community projects. These are: • Providing a place for elderly members of the community, (particularly the vulnerable and isolated) and Adiscome Railway park visitors to come in and enjoy food and drink, • A museum to celebrate the station building and its long haul of history since 1871. The museum will contain photographs, models and statistics

Norbury Neighbours
Norbury Neighbours joined Croydon LIVE1 month ago

The Norbury Neighbours coffee mornings will ensure there is a regular opportunity for Norbury residents to get together and meet their neighbours. Norbury Neighbours project will encourage community involvement, enable residents to make new friends and provide an opportunity for people to discuss issues relevant to our neighbourhood. It will enable local people to find out what activities and events are going on locally and will empower our local community to get involved in these activities and events. It will also give people a chance to learn new skills e.g. via volunteering opportunities locally. We are stronger together when it comes to getting things done in our local area so this project will also provide a forum for residents to meet and consider and act on matters of local concern.

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