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Brent River Park - reinvigoration TYS2

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 Brent River Park - reinvigoration TYS2

Brent River Park - reinvigoration TYS2

Philip Alford By Philip Alford

After 40 years the Brent River Park's 8 miles of paths and information boards look run down and unloved, so it needs some renewal, improvement and updating to best showcase this valuable Ealing asset.

Ealing Delivery stage

pledged of £19,233

Sorry this project was unsuccessful, we did not reach our fundraising goal.

The project will directly benefit 8 Ealing wards, recreating a continuous and integrated 8 mile set of paths with information boards encouraging people to experience new areas by healthy means, linking parts of Ealing and London, and helping people get closer to and understand the wildlife and plants in a river environment.

Over the years this infrastructure has been weathered and worn so it needs some renewal and improvement and updating. A few additional information boards are needed but mostly the posts and way markers need renewing.

With the funding, supported by the Brent River and Canal Society and existing volunteering contacts, the project will work within the local community to define new information boards and update the infrastructure for the benefit of future users of the BRP for many years to come.

Ideas for information board locations:
- near to Bunny Park, Wharncliffe Viaduct paths
- entrance to Jubilee Meadow to include Long Wood
- Greenford Bridge area

What we'll deliver:

  • add, clean and renew information boards
  • add, refurbish and renew way posts
  • ensure paths are visible and open

Why it's a great idea:

The Brent River Park is 40 years old this year and has become part of Ealing's heritage. It is a green corridor through a suburban landscape which encourages people to explore Ealing by healthy means whilst having the opportunity to experience the different wildlife and plants that exist in a river environment. Since inception locals and many regular visitors, such as Capital Ring/London Loop walkers, have utilised this civic space along the river, which has helped to enhance the reputation of Ealing and attract people to a green borough. The BRP could be considered as one of Ealing’s ‘Areas of Outstanding Urban Beauty’ and with some modest investment will continue to attract, inform and impress visitors in the Borough, and engage residents with their environment for the coming years.

Steps to get it done:

  • Consult with Ealing Council, relevant wards and departments eg Rangers
  • Use existing designs to reduce development time and costs
  • Use current infrastructure where possible such as existing posts to reduce costs
  • Clean existing information boards rather than replacing, where possible
  • Introduce a small number of new Information boards or fill gaps along the BRP
  • Cut back overgrown areas to ensure good visibility and access
  • Engage and bring together Ealing communities through Ealing's Bubble, 'Friends' groups and 'Twitter'
  • Break the work into sections to appeal to local communities and ensure local completion
  • Identify and allocate tasks that include people with a range of skills and experience, and seek to transfer knowledge
  • Celebrate success and thank volunteers and participating groups with a small BRP re-launch event
  • Utilise the resources and skills from known conservation groups who work in West London
  • Liaise with other key parties eg Canal & River Trust; Capital Ring
  • Canvas locally to help confirm content & location for new information boards

The new investment in this infrastructure will help confirm to people this river environment is something worth looking after and respecting, and is a way of highlighting support for wider environmental considerations in London and the River Brent Catchment.


Location Ealing

About the space

Brent River Park



How will the money be spent?Total £19,232

5x £1300 Information boards - £7,800 (41%)
20x £140 Way Posts - £3,360 (17%)
Delivery & Fixing 5 information boards - £1,700 (9%)
3xDays Volunteering Labour & Eqpt - £1,170 (6%)
Design of information boards - £1,050 (5%)
Contingency 5% - £950 (5%)
Project Management - £250 (1%)
Post cement - £200 (1%)
Delivery of signage - £200 (1%)
Storage - £200 (1%)
Other - £2,352 (12%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

5x £1300 Information boards
20x £140 Way Posts
Delivery & Fixing 5 information boards
3xDays Volunteering Labour & Eqpt
Design of information boards
Contingency 5%
Project Management
Post cement
Delivery of signage
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • 100x (=£165) Way discs
  • VAT
  • Failed transactions
  • 200x Screws & Drill bits
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Relaunch & Celebrate success

Total £19,232

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