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Teenage Markets come to Barnet

Funded on Spacehive 14 September 2017 Delivered 3 March 2019

Impact data and claims within this report are provided by the project creator and have not been independently verified by Spacehive.

Teenage Markets come to Barnet

Teenage Markets come to Barnet

Chipping Barnet Town Team By Chipping Barnet Town Team

Chipping Barnet has a historic but fading market. Young people in the town have a limited outlet for their entreprenurial and performance skills. Addressing these two needs together will benefit both.

Barnet Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 14 Sep 2017!

The traditional market operates at times when young people are in education or getting ready for the day. This project will introduce a new market for the post-school, pre-evening time. It will offer stalls for young people wishing to sell and a sound stage for young people wanting to try out their ideas to a live audience. The money raised will buy infrastructure: stalls, staging, amplification, cafe seating and temporary roofing. It will also fund services for the pilot period: site crews to set-up and take-down, cost of extra policing (if necessary) and cleaning. The project is a limited-time 12-month pilot, beginning on the Easter weekend at the start of April 2018 and running one teenage market per month. At the end of this period the aim is to realise a self-sufficient and expanding new market for the town.

What we'll deliver:

  • buying extra market stalls
  • buying staging, amplification and stage lighting
  • start-up funding for the set-up, take-down, cleaning and policing
  • buying temporary roofing (see Brecon Jazz Festival for examples)
  • buy ambient lighting suitable for an early evening market
  • cover set-up costs: market place hire, membership of Teenage Markets
  • apply for necessary licences and permissions to allow for live musical and theatrical performances at the market

Why it's a great idea:

Because it brings together two genuine needs and three generations in the town. The market is valued as a historical and social good - by the older generation. The younger generation has no central place to gather socially. Their parents appreciate the development of a known and public centre for their children to attend.

Steps to get it done:

  • Buy necessary equipment: stalls, staging, amplification, lighting, shelter, tables and chairs
  • Recruit support staff: riggers, cleaners, police/security
  • Advertising for and signing up stall hoders and perfomers
  • Attracting/arranging pop-up catering
  • Running preview market event(s)
  • Barnet Teenage Market - grand opening
  • apply and pay for all necessary permissions and insurances

Chipping Barnet town centre has taken longer than many to recover from the 2008 recession. At present new owners are re-designing the Spires mall and Barnet museum is developing the town as a historical centre as it explores the location and events of the Battle of Barnet. The revival of the historic market site will further boost the town centre and provide a more encouraging environment for further improvements. Costs are based on estimates from the internet and local sources. Any renaming surplus, once pledged funds are spent, will be used to improve the project.

Location Barnet

About the space

Chipping Barnet Market


London Borough of Barnet

How will the money be spent?Total £55,074

buy amplification (stage PA) - £15,000 (27%)
pay for market stall space rental @£30 per pitch for 24 pitches per market (12 events) - £8,640 (16%)
buy stalls x 24 - £5,544 (10%)
buy staging 4m x 4m - £3,600 (7%)
hire security x6 @ £7.50/hr for 12 weeks - £3,240 (6%)
hire cleaners x4 @ £8.00/hr for 12 weeks - £2,304 (4%)
buy patio gas heaters - £2,100 (4%)
Public Liability insurance - £2,000 (4%)
buy tables and chairs - £1,958 (4%)
buy market lighting - £1,833 (3%)
Other - £8,855 (16%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

buy amplification (stage PA)
pay for market stall space rental @£30 per pitch for 24 pitches per market (12 events)
buy stalls x 24
buy staging 4m x 4m
hire security x6 @ £7.50/hr for 12 weeks
hire cleaners x4 @ £8.00/hr for 12 weeks
buy patio gas heaters
Public Liability insurance
buy tables and chairs
buy market lighting
Other Read More
  • hire riggers x6 @£9.50/hr for 12weeks
  • buy storage
  • buy stage lighting
  • join Teenage Markets (2 years)
  • Spacehive fees
  • buy sail-style awning
  • hire sound/lighting technician @£11.98/hr
  • VAT
  • Transaction Fees

Total £55,074

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