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Organic Permaculture Regeneration!

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Organic Permaculture Regeneration!

Organic Permaculture Regeneration!

Back to Basics By Back to Basics

Helping to regenerate an unused piece of land on Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield, with permaculture, organic farming ideas to benefit the community. Come and learn, get involved and harvest together!

Sutton Coldfield Delivery stage

pledged of £43,790

Sorry this project was unsuccessful, we did not reach our fundraising goal.

After seeing so many people struggling to work in order to buy good food, which is more expensive than chemical laden foods, why not grow your own? Many skills are meant to be passed down from generation to generation but we are so busy trying to stabilise a financial future for our children that we are losing basic skills. Skills such as farming organically. So why not come and learn, bring the children and the elder generation and let's get back to traditional ways. We will host workshops, seek volunteers and have physical days of constant learning about natural plant feeds, aquaponics, the one-straw revolution, permaculture, organic composting and even underground farming (Walipini). All methods that will help sustain the earth and it's soil so that we stop depleting it of nutrients and vitamins for our future generation. Let's start today, making the world a better place for our future.

What we'll deliver:

  • Creating a community feel, that we can all harvest from
  • Making medicinal herb gardens
  • Planting Fruit Trees

Why it's a great idea:

In one swift generation, we all turned to chemical agriculture. This has taken away the basic skills and knowledge of natural farming. With all of the unused land in and around the UK, there is plenty of space and opportunities for us to all start to learn those skills again. Working with each other to share knowledge and skills, we will become a team. A team with similar goals of eating healthily, organically and without the worry of money. With us all contributing our spare time, we can harvest enough to feed a small community. Having use of land which is open to us all saves the cost of re-doing our paved gardens, paying for allotment spaces and even those who live in flats and apartments will have equal opportunities to learn. There will be no age limit, no abilities limit and no location limits on who can come and when. We will host school day-trips so younger generations can come, as well as invite those in residential care to become more active.

Steps to get it done:

  • Before we are ready to sow on our land, we hope to make natural plant feed with nettles in the first 6 months
  • We hope to build Hugelkultur beds within the first 9 months
  • We intend on early workshops of worm composting
  • We welcome organic, edible seeds and plants from the first month following fundraising
  • Within a year, we hope to have planted seeds in a permaculture-designed style ready for the following year's harvest


Location Sutton Coldfield

About the space

Custom Location


Birmingham City Council

How will the money be spent?Total £43,789

First year lease of land - £12,000 (27%)
Portable cabin for workshop hosting on site - £7,500 (17%)
Portable Office for planning and meetings - £5,000 (11%)
Gardening equipment for redesign of the land to suit permaculture principles - £4,000 (9%)
Greenhouse build - £4,000 (9%)
Deposit for Lease of Land - £3,000 (7%)
Fencing for the land to protect children and/or vulnerable adults as visitors - £2,500 (6%)
Small Aquaponics set up - £1,000 (2%)
Digging equipment for volunteers - £500 (1%)
Other - £4,289 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

First year lease of land
Portable cabin for workshop hosting on site
Portable Office for planning and meetings
Gardening equipment for redesign of the land to suit permaculture principles
Greenhouse build
Deposit for Lease of Land
Fencing for the land to protect children and/or vulnerable adults as visitors
Small Aquaponics set up
Digging equipment for volunteers
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £43,789

Our Volunteer List

We're currently looking for people to offer skills and time to develop our project! Check out the list of what we need below and then use the 'Volunteer' button to the right to get involved.

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