Ardwick Sports Hall

Funded on Spacehive 18 August 2017

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Ardwick Sports Hall

Sharron Mooks By Sharron Mooks

Phase 1 of a 5 year project to transform Ardwick Sports Hall to a hive of community and sports excellence in Manchester. Striving to provide street-stadium level sport experience for roller skating

Manchester Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 18 Aug 2017!

On 19th August 2017 we will be decluttering, cleaning and organising the roller sports equipment and public areas of Ardwick Sports Hall. We have the manpower and the passion already in place to deliver this event. We are reaching out to the spacehive community to find donations of materials and equipment to make this event the best it can be. We have 30 confirmed volunteers available on the day, with a further 20 currently interested. The schedule of events can be found on our public facebook event here: Our current costs for the day are running at: £600. £ -300 food & refreshments for volunteers, -£200 skip hire, -£100 cleaning supplies. We would be happy to take donations towards these amounts we are also interested in donations to push this project further - 600mm ceiling tiles - LED rope light - racking & storage - floor sealant - paint - signage - tradespeople - etc

What we'll deliver:

  • Purge unwanted/expired equipment
  • Reorganise storage to create more usable space
  • Clean the entire building

Why it's a great idea:

Phase 1 is a modest goal and the first step towards a bigger and better future. The 4 people currently behind Manchester Roller Sports have a combined experience of over 130 years delivering community based activities. Our 5 year plan is to rebuild Ardwick Sports Hall as an arena of Roller Sport Excellence in Manchester. We currently provide over 30 hours of roller sports activity to over 300 members of the community every week and are looking to provide over 100 hours of activities, to over 1000 weekly users, by end 2018. The 19th August project will go ahead regardless of the funding here. We respect that the timescale is tight for phase 1, if you are part of a larger fund and wish to get involved from phase 2, we can talk and see which tasks we can pick up next to take us closer to our goal. The purge, clean and organise will allow the immediate formation of two new activities at the centre, make the centre more visually appealing to new people and help us retain new visitors.

Steps to get it done:

  • confirm volunteer numbers
  • Source and Order Skip
  • Source and order cleaning materials
  • Source and order food & refreshments for the day
  • Analyse funding
  • Make a collective decision on full project scope
  • Create tasks & agenda for the day
  • Show results to the world

As mentioned above, as much as financial funding can go a long way. We will be looking to use any funding to simply expand the scope of the 19th August project to deliver over and above its current remit. What We Need: - food & drink suppliers (donations for 30+ people) - Maxi Skip - Cleaning Supplies (for 30+ people) What Would be Great to Have: - Ceiling tiles (donations) - lighting (donations) - electrician (time for free) - racking & storage (all types, donations) - sports hall floor paint (for lines 10sqm coverage) - sports hall floor sealant (60sqm coverage) - signage (internal and external) - anything else (lets talk) any funding received will go towards fulfilling the wish list on a "what will have the best and most impact now" decision making basis.

Location Manchester

About the space

Ardwick Sports Hall


Manchester City Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £683

Food & Refreshments for 30 Volunteers - £300 (44%)
8 Yard Skip Hire- 1 day - £216 (32%)
Cleaning Materials - £100 (15%)
Other - £67 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Food & Refreshments for 30 Volunteers
8 Yard Skip Hire- 1 day
Cleaning Materials
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £683

Our Wish List

We're currently looking for people to offer skills and stuff to develop our project! Check out the list of what we need below and then use the 'Offer Something' button to the right to get involved.
  • Maxi Skip & removal for waste
  • Cleaning Machine for 18m x 33m sports hall floor
  • 30l of floor cleaner
  • 20 x mops and buckets
  • 200 x dishcloths/microfibre cloths
  • 50 bottles of multipurpose spray cleaner/disinfectant
  • 50 rolls of bin bags
  • 1 day BBQ Hire
  • BBQ Operator
  • Food Preparation
  • 100 disposable plates & cups
  • 20 loaves of bread or 100 x bread rolls
  • 3kg of mixed salad leaves
  • 3kg of onions, tomatoes and cucumber
  • 3kg of veggie sausages/burgers
  • 5kg of sausages/burgers
  • 2kg of gluten free finger food
  • 20 x bottles of cordial/squash
  • 10 rolls of kitchen roll
  • 20 bottles of hand sanitiser
  • Playlist Manager - keep us all upbeat all day with your tunes
  • Skate Room Clearout Manager - coordinate the removal of all of the stuff from the skateroom
  • Sorting & QC Manager - Oversee the sorting of all the old and categorise into keep, throw or repair
  • Chief Disposal Supervising Officer - you make sure everything thats meant to be thrown away gets thrown away
  • Skate Repair - 10 pairs of handy hands to fix up broken skates

Want to help?

Do you have stuff or skills to contribute to this project? Use this tool to offer something to the project creator.

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Katy Galley offered
100 disposable cups and plates.
Cat Hughes offered
Will bring a decent amount of gf food for myself and others
Cat Hughes offered
happy to be chief thrower awayer/ organiser of stuff. This is my main plan for the day so I will aim to be there from 9 for as long as I can last. probably 6/7 ish as long as there is sufficent sustainance and fun!
Emily Jane offered
CWC360 can offer a Scrubber Dryer, delivered, with training, for the day to help with cleaning the sports hall floor.