Active Club Walsall

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Active Club Walsall

Active Club Walsall

Active Gym Voluntary Group By Active Gym Voluntary Group

We would like to create an opportunity for all primary school children to access gymnastics coaching sessions. The aim is to reach out to all children in the Walsall area and get them 'Active'.

Walsall Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 30 Jan 2022!

Active Club is passionate about what we provide and how we deliver our sessions. We believe that children are the key to the future. Happy, active children, build strong bone, flexibility and healthy mind set. We will run gymnastics sessions for schools, inside the school hours and as an extra curriculum outside school hours. The children will be in their own age groups and attend gymnastics sessions at least once a week. Ideally, we will engage parents into our project as children supporter. The project will run for 12 weeks in Spring 2022, with the first cohort of children. It will take place within the school sport halls, at Manor Farm Community Association, and when possible at the Walsall Arboretum (weather permitting). We will measure the success of the project through the pre set aims and objectives. The project will have a final event of a gymnastics competitions, celebrating successes with each child receiving a medal and certificate.

What we'll deliver:

  • Gymnastics sessions within schools
  • Print vouchers to distribute to all Walsall Primary school children
  • Purchase of portable equipment (air tracks, air modules, portable gymnastics items)
  • Wall bars, rigs and ropes, small mats.
  • The equipment can be used in all Walsall primary schools
  • Professional coaching sessions

Why it's a great idea:

Active Club will deliver a valuable opportunity for children to experience gymnastics first hand. Children will gain fitness while having fun. New gymnastics skills will be taught, developing balance, co-ordinations and confidence. Children will be encourage to learn from each other, to learn together as a team, to challenge themselves to compete in an gymnastics competition. The project will highlight where parents can play an important role in supporting their children. The project will give access to all children, including children from disadvantage background. The project will motivate local champions through schools to raise awareness to keeping the children Active. The project brings together and sense of belonging and happiness. Active gym Walsall will help to achieve some of the physical activity curriculums. The project involves in promoting a positive and active mind set. The proud moment when the child learnt a new skills. Families will also use the park spaces.

Steps to get it done:

  • Buying Airtracks and take them around to schools to coach gymnastics
  • Sourcing coaching times to coach children gymnastics

Active Club is an excellent project. We are passionate about children's fitness and well being. We encourage positivity and mindfulness. The excitement of being able to bring the opportunity to learn gymnastics to children and their families. "Weight-bearing physical activities (including weight-bearing sports participation) are effective at stimulating bone development. Evidence was found in support of other sports, with the strongest and most consistent evidence found for gymnastics" As a professional gymnastics coach and clinical pharmacist, I truly believe that gymnastics can play a role to contribute to children's health and well being. Good habits may hopefully carry on to adulthood.

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How will the money be spent?Total £3,530

Global-Airtrack-Club 6m length - £1,397 (40%)
Inflatable Max inclined Module - £556 (16%)
Inflatable Square Module - £451 (13%)
Springboard - £361 (10%)
Inflatable Inclined Module - £356 (10%)
Other - £255 (7%)

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Global-Airtrack-Club 6m length
Inflatable Max inclined Module
Inflatable Square Module
Inflatable Inclined Module
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  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £3,530

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  • 1. Local primary school sports coordinators 2. Help with promoting my project on social media

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