Hello everyone, Thanks so much for making a contribution to this project, we are really pleased that you liked the idea and that you made a pledge. We understand that all pledges have now been collected (thanks again!), and I have just paid the banner maker to produce the banner. This will happen in Wales, and we are told that the magician with the magic spray is due to fly in on Friday and coat the banner with the amazing nano-titania that will gobble up a quantity of noxious Nitrogen from the exhaust pipes of passing cars (and buses). Then sometime the following week (if all goes to plan) the goblins will appear in West Norwood and scale the wall of the bus garage, to fix the super-duper frame to the wall with magic banner already in place. We can hardly believe it. Fingers crossed that nothing unexpected happens (wicked witches, wild winds, or naughty elves...). Hurrah! Janet and John Haney, PoetrySlabs