Social Roots Food Van and Food garden

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Social Roots Food Van and Food garden

Social Roots Food Van and Food garden

Social Roots Kitchen By Social Roots Kitchen

Social Roots CIC was created to utiilse surplus food in the community to then make plant based meals. With this catering van and allotment, we will be able to grow food, make food and feed everyone!

Croydon Idea stage

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We would like to purchase a catering van and create a plant based super truck that will be able to offer healthy Plant-Based meals for all people in our community. The food truck of choice will be converted to Bio fuel. All meals, snacks, and treats will all be plant-based, this is a direct-action food truck here to showcase plant based meals and teach people healthy cooking and eating alternatives. This truck will allow Social Roots CIC to have a long-term options for delivering our ethos and food. The long-term aim is to have a positive impact on heath and create wider awareness around plant based living. Alongside this we aim to develop our allotment into a food garden that would help to provide local ingredients to be used by the CIC. This space will be set up for the community and managed by those in the community, encouraging cohesion and social engagement. This allotment space will help those without gardens to have an input as well as keep people fit and healthy.

What we'll deliver:

  • An equiped food truck offering 100% Plant-based options
  • Develop our allotment space using recycled supplies where possible and begin its long term development
  • We will rent a refrigerated unit and dry store unit whilst we find long term alternative.
  • Become a member of FairShare giving us weekly supplies of surplus food, to then make use of of this great produce
  • Throw Plant Based food bazaar to celebrate fully funding this project and our ongoing sucess
  • We will work with anyone struggling with homelessness or unemployment by offering training and experience.
  • We will attend schools int he borough to deliver talks and to directly offer plant based delights

Why it's a great idea:

This is a great idea because Social Roots Kitchen CIC will then be able to deliver the goals it was set up for. Being mobile allows us to then access the whole community. This catering bio fuel van will be a symbol of healthy plant based eating and will educate people as well as feed people. The food garden is another great idea not only because it will support the long-term viability of the food truck, but also make the most of some unloved space in Croydon. The development of the space and long-term management will encourage people to eat healthier options whilst keeping them active. This idea all came about after mentoring a group of young boys from Croydon, boys who wanted a place to get involved and a place to eat healthy plant based food. I hope in the long run to enable any individual to get involved. We will support those who wish to obtain food hygiene courses and those who just want to dig up some potatoes or grow some cucumbers.

Steps to get it done:

  • Purchase food truck turn into Plant-based super wagon.
  • Find and establish an allotment space using recycled supplies where possible
  • Purchase a second hand refrigerated unit and dry store unit
  • Become a member of Fair share enabling us to tap into the surplus food in our community.
  • Being out in the community provided plant based meals on a weekly basis
  • Throw a Plant Based food party for all those in the community

There is a clear need for healthier eating options as well as the need for more urban growing projects. I hope to bring these two needs together in this one project. There has been a big shift in people’s awareness around food and I feel this is a perfect opportunity to make the most of that. If we can get people to eat more fruits and veg then we have succeeded. Plant based diets are better for our environment as well as being great for our bodies. I hope to showcase fruits and veggies and pulses and beans in new and exciting ways. I just want to feed people good food and teach them new ways of eating healthier options without the stigma associated to certain foods. We will aim to make a profit to keep the project running long term, however we will where possible try to offer affordable options so that anyone can access what we have on offer, especially school children, students and the elderly! Our project will also provide as much support to the homeless and hungry!

Location Croydon

About the space

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London Borough of Croydon

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How will the money be spent?Total £34,793

Food truck - £14,000 (40%)
staff costs for 16 weeks - £8,640 (25%)
Advertising - £2,500 (7%)
Refridgerated Unit 3 months rent - £1,700 (5%)
Fairshare fees - £1,500 (4%)
Dry store unit - £1,500 (4%)
Allotment set up costs - £750 (2%)
Kitchen supplies - £500 (1%)
Dry Stores - £350 (1%)
Other - £3,353 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Food truck
staff costs for 16 weeks
Refridgerated Unit 3 months rent
Fairshare fees
Dry store unit
Allotment set up costs
Kitchen supplies
Dry Stores
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £34,793

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