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20/04/2018 - Ongoing

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We are interested in:

Sport & Play

Parks & Gardens

Arts & Culture


Food & Farming

Streets & Infrastructure

That will impact:

Helped the environment

Boosted the economy

Increased volunteering, jobs & education

Supported arts, culture & heritage

Promoted activity & leisure

In the following areas:

West Sussex

Community Initiative Fund

This fund enables West Sussex County Councillors to support local community projects to improve the wellbeing of their local area. This is administered through the County Local Committee Meetings.

Projects we're interested in funding

Our West Sussex County Councillors are interested in projects that aim to improve the wellbeing of local areas.  Your local councillors want to get behind projects that have the support of the community. Ideas may include:

  • Increasing group membership and widening participation
  • Starting-up new activities and expanding existing services for members of the community
  • Organising community events and activities
  • Organising one-off events to increase visitors to the local area
  • Activities aimed at developing skills for residents to benefit them and the area
  • Providing improvements to community infrastructure and developing communally held assets
  • Helping groups and organisations to develop their assets and/or resources to support future financial independence
  • Helping Communities influence the planning and delivery of local services
  • Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable local development

This program will be run in three rounds. The first round launches on Wednesday 18th April 2018. and will close for pitches on Monday 4th June 2018. Funding decisions will be taken by Friday 20th July 2018.

Key Links

  • West Sussex Crowd Movement – understand more about this programme
  • Eligibility Criteria – check your project is eligible
  • Funding Guide – find out what you need to know about our fund
  • CLC dates and funding windows - find out when you can pitch
  • Five Way to Wellbeing – understand our priorities
  • Who is my local County Councillor?

    The outcomes of our fund

    Your local councillors want to support projects in their local area that show evidence of supporting one or more of These Five Ways to Wellbeing - a set of actions which promote people’s wellbeing:


    How your project encourages connections between people and brings together families, friends, colleagues and neighbours to contribute to the local community

    Be active

    How your project encourages individuals or groups to discover a physical activity that can be enjoyed and can be tailored to levels of mobility and fitness.

    Take notice

    How your project encourages communities or individuals to become more aware of the world around them and to reflect on their experiences to appreciate what matters to them.

    Keep learning

    How your project encourages individuals to try something new or rediscover an old interest or hobby and improve confidence levels, take a new approach to something, share ideas with others.


    How your project will encourage individuals to volunteer their time, join a community group, share their skills and experiences and support others. This can include sharing resources and materials, skills and equipment.

    How do I get a pledge

    The program will be run in three rounds. Below is a brief overview of the process: Create a project page on Spacehive outlining what your project is all about and talk to your local County Councillor to get their support. Your project will be automatically matched to the CIF fund on Spacehive – so you can then pitch to the fund Locality, a third party that Spacehive work with, will then verify your project – check the costs and permissions Once all checks are complete you will be advised when your project is ready to start crowdfunding Begin by trying to get lots of small pledges from the community to demonstrate community need and support for your idea Decisions about CIF pledges will be made by County Councillors at County Local Committee meetings. There are eleven CLC that cover the county of West Sussex and your pitch for funding will go to the meeting that is geographically covered by your project. If your project covers a wider area than one committee you pitch will go to more than one meeting. The CLCs in each of the eleven areas meet three times a year between: June – July. October – November February – March You are advised to consider their funding windows in the planning of your project. The size of the pledge will depend on the size of the project, how it delivers against fund criteria, the impact it will have, and the buy in from the community. The maximum pledge size will be £5,000. The Council will not be the first organisation to pledge as they want to see community support for your project. Please use the contact details to discuss this with one of our officers, as each committee may have its own timescale. Do you have any questions? Email: talkwithus@westsussex.gov.uk Phone: 0330 222 2527 Available Monday to Friday -09:00AM – 17:00PM