Havering Heroes Fund

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Charities and community organisations in Havering, like many across the country, are under a lot of pressure to support residents and raise funds and donations due to the unprecedented crisis of the COVID19 pandemic.

In response to this, Havering Council has launched a new Havering Heros fund, making it easier for key organisations get funding they need to continue to deliver much needed support for local communities in the borough.

Up to £75,000 is available for this first round of emergency funding, but the Council needs the help of the community to make this go further.

To support this, the Council has now launched an online crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Spacehive. The Havering Heros campaign will enable residents and businesses, whose financial circumstances allow, to pledge funds to help voluntary and community agencies through these traumatic times. Spacehive have waived their fee for this campaign or any others launched on their platform at this time of crisis.  

All money raised will be used to deliver small emergency grants of up to £5,000 to enable organisations in Havering to ensure our most vulnerable residents get the support and help they need during this period. This includes essential food supplies, prescription collections, emergency home repairs and (safe) social contact.

Support our campaign: Havering Heroes Fund


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