Southwark Community Response Fund

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In response to the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 people are looking out for their neighbours, volunteering or donating money or time. 

Support our campaign

Southwark Council and its partners are working together to support Southwark’s most vulnerable residents. But there is more we need to do.

In addition to the financial support from Southwark Council and the Government in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Southwark Community Response Fund has been set up which anyone can donate to. The fund is run by United St Saviour’s Charity and has been kick-started with £450,000 from local charitable trusts.

You can help by donating to the Southwark Community Response Fund. 

How the money will be used

  • Helping charities reach and support Southwark’s isolated older residents
  • Getting food and basic supplies to the people who need it
  • Providing funds to community groups who look out for the most vulnerable in their neighbourhood
  • Supporting charities that can help people cope with anxiety and mental health issues
  • Helping people get the information and advice they need if they have no income
  • Helping to support volunteering
  • Helping people experiencing domestic abuse

We want to get support to where it is most needed as quickly as possible. Your donation will be added to the Southwark Community Response Fund (run by United St Saviour’s Charity) and we will let you know what is funded.

Lots of organisations and businesses are also already appealing for donations and you can make these directly to the organisation if you prefer.  

Please donate.