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Greenford Quay

Joined Spacehive on 29 June 2023

Greenford Quay is more than a place; it’s a neighbourhood. We look to build strong relationships with our local communities, creating a vibrant and engaging area for everyone to enjoy.

We listen to the community and understand how important it is to keep an open dialogue with those who live and work in the area. It is people that make an area what it is, not the buildings!

We actively seek to engage with our local community through our special events programme. Through consistent communications and meetings, we continue to reach out to various groups, local businesses and Ward Councilors. Listening and understanding priorities, supporting with resources and funding.

We shall provide opportunities to help fund meaningful projects that directly impact the community group at Greenford Quay. We have made available a £14,500 fund with a maximum contribution of £3,000 for projects being crowdfunded on Spacehive in the wider Greenford area. 

We’ll review all projects running crowdfunding campaigns on Spacehive and pledge support for those that we think offer most social value to communities we work in. It’s as simple as that!

Funding for projects:


Greenford Quay Community Fund

Greenford Quay Community Fund

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