Mayor of London have 1 movement

06/04/2017 - 22/06/2017

Should you pitch to this grant-maker?


You must have started crowdfunding by 22/06/2017 00:00:00 and finish crowdfunding by 25/09/2017 00:00:00.


If you are offered a grant the earliest you'll receive the money is 01/09/2017 and the latest is 31/03/2018


We are interested in:

Sport & Play

Parks & Gardens

Arts & Culture


Food & Farming

Streets & Infrastructure

That will impact:

Helped the environment

Boosted the economy

Increased volunteering, jobs & education

Supported arts, culture & heritage

Promoted activity & leisure

In the following areas:

Greater London

Crowdfund London

Crowdfund London gives you the opportunity to pitch your ideas, big and small, for projects which will make your local area even better.

Projects we're interested in funding

The Mayor wants to back projects that: • Celebrate and strengthen the special character of your area • Respond to a local challenge or opportunity in a creative way • Give an unused space a new lease of life • Help the local economy • Give local people lasting skills and opportunities • Improve environmental sustainability • Make everyone in the community feel welcome and involved • Attract strong support from the community - shown via a spirited crowdfunding campaign and other evidence Projects could help to make your high street a better place to visit or do business, improve or establish a local market, give a new lease of life to an unloved space or empty building, improve access to healthy and affordable food or create a beautiful new green space or cultural feature that attracts people to the area. We're looking for ideas that show innovation and enterprise and aspire to achieve a wider social good.

The outcomes of our fund

We want our funds to: • Empower people • Make places better • Grow prosperity Be sure to check our Spacehive movement page for full details on what we want to pledge to, examples of projects we've pledged to in the past and key FAQs. Crowdfund London is supported and funded by the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP). See here for further information.

Are you eligible to access this funding?

Projects must: • Be in Greater London • Have clear plan and well considered budget • Be managed by a constituted organisation that represents the local community (if you're an individual, you'll need to partner with an appropriate local organisation) These types of organisation are OK: • Local community group acting inclusively to represent a diverse range of local people • Resident or trader association • Social enterprise • Local charity • Town Team • Neighbourhood Forum • Business Improvement District • School or university • Business - if acting in the community's interest The organisation must take responsibility for delivering the project and: • Be able to enter into legal contracts with the Greater London Authority • Demonstrate clear and representative governance arrangements (your mission statement, who you represent, how you conduct yourselves, your membership, key roles and responsibilities etc) • Provide details of a bank account registered to the organisation • Provide a charity or company number where applicable • Demonstrate that you have the capacity (resources) and determination to deliver We will not fund: • Local services • Proposals that could be equally applicable anywhere (such as Christmas lights) • 'Business as usual' activity (keeping things going that already exist) To apply for a pledge from the Mayor, create a project on Spacehive and you'll be matched to our fund. The sooner you post your idea the better: