Growing Communities - Wildlife Pond

Funded on Spacehive 15 November 2020

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Growing Communities - Wildlife Pond

Growing Communities - Wildlife Pond

Sanctuary Kirklees By Sanctuary Kirklees

Our aim is to complete the creation of a wildlife pond (already dug out) on our site by installing an environmentally friendly pond liner and a selection of plants.

Golcar Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 15 Nov 2020!

Growing Communities is a project run by Sanctuary Kirklees and is essentially about building connections with each other and the land by cultivating our site, growing vegetables, plants and trees. A key objective of the project is to involve asylum seekers and refugees communities within Kirklees and the the wider local community. The site off Parkwood Road in Golcar is leased from local landowners who have already carried out substanial tree planting on the wider 2 field site that they own. The leased site is being cultivated to produce vegetables - the main crop of potatoes being sold this year to the Welcome Centre food bank at a price that is slightly lower that they can buy elsewhere and sufficient for us to purchase our seeds for next year's planting. Once social conditions permit we will be facilitating groups of volunteers to work on site, learning new and sharing existing skills and experiences. We are in discussion with DASH as a partner in this.

What we'll deliver:

  • wildlife pond on site
  • water management
  • increased biodiversity

Why it's a great idea:

We want to develop and enhance the project and site with the addition of a wildlife pond. this will provide numerous benefits, some of which are:- - creating an oases for wildlife, supporting a wide variety of species - animals, birds, insects and amphibians; - increasing the biodiversity of the immediate and wider environment; - improving the growing conditions on site; - help us to manage the water both flow and reserve on site; - provide a beautiful, tranquil area on the site for volunteers and visitors to enjoy. As the project develops into the future having the pond on site will increase potential for learning opportunities and development of skills through observation, maintenance and discovery.

Steps to get it done:

  • Complete dig of the pond ready for lining
  • line the pond with Eco liner
  • Fill the pond using rainwater
  • Purchase native plants and introduce to the pond
  • Create habitats for wildlife on the edge of the pond

Bringing together local communities in a safe and positive environment enhancing integration and better understanding between diverse groups. There are proven benefits to mental health and wellbeing with involvement in nature, agriculture and horticulture.

Location Golcar

About the space

Field off Parkwood Road, Golcar HD7 4QW


Kirklees Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £3,941

Greenseal Eco pond liner 1mm: 16m x 16m. + Offload charge of £15 - £1,996 (51%)
Greentech Eco pond underlay - £522 (13%)
Stone for the rim: 2 Tons - £500 (13%)
UK native species pond plants - £487 (12%)
features, plant pots and containers - £200 (5%)
Other - £235 (6%)

Costs Breakdown

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Greenseal Eco pond liner 1mm: 16m x 16m. + Offload charge of £15
Greentech Eco pond underlay
Stone for the rim: 2 Tons
UK native species pond plants
features, plant pots and containers
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT
  • Transaction Fees

Total £3,941

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