Take a Seat!

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Take a Seat!

Take a Seat!

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As a Headline Event for the London Design Festival 2017 on the Brixton Design Trail, ‘Take a Seat’ celebrates often invisible public seating transforming them with a dramatic Razzle Dazzle make over.

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Take a Seat is a celebration of public seating & the role it can play in creating positive social interaction & cohesion. By painting the seats we want to draw attention to how we dwell in public space & relate to each other. Can design play a positive & meaningful part in that? Our intention is to get people to slow down, take a seat & maybe strike up a conversation, via the seats transformation, to the person sitting next to you. Dazzle, aka ‘Razzle Dazzle’, is a camouflage technique that was developed for warships in WW1. It’s an unlikely form of camouflage, as it draws attention to the ship rather than hiding it, disrupting its outline, altering perceptions of it. With disruptive thinking as part of our teams' creative process, our aim is to draw attention to public seating, encouraging discussions about how we engage with public spaces & whether they are user-friendly for all age groups & demographics.

What we'll deliver:

  • The Razzle Dazzle transformation of 38 single seats & 1 bench in central Brixton
  • Collaborate with Mr Dane, a south London based professional street artist to create high-end designs
  • Deliver this by 16th September 2017, in time for the start of the London Design Festival
  • Provide opportunities for people to volunteer to help us make the transformations
  • Encourage conversations on how we relate to each other in the public realm
  • Champion congregation for free in public
  • A positive animation of Windrush Square & Canterbury Crescent as a place for the whole community to feel welcome to use
  • Promote public seating as a key element in creating healthy social spaces for all
  • Create a report documenting the importance of public seating in our urban environments

Why it's a great idea:

Take a Seat transforms seats in central Brixton giving them with a dramatic make-over. Public seating is often associated with antisocial behaviour & in the past 20 years, many of the traditional street benches & seats have been removed in an attempt to mitigate this issue. As a result, a minority has adversely affected the well-behaved majority & there are very few non-commercial public realm places left to sit down & watch the world go by. Opportunities to stop, dwell or gather are declining & as a result, we think social interaction has been impacted. Benches that survive the cull, are left to deteriorate & are often subjected to vandalism, receiving little to no maintenance or upkeep. We have permission from Lambeth Council to transform 38 seats & 1 bench in central Brixton. They will remain after the London Design Festival 2017 creating a lasting impression & plenty of photo opportunities!

Steps to get it done:

  • Prototype complete
  • Site preparation complete
  • Artwork templates finalised
  • Transformation application complete

The distributors of the single seats have pledged to send us a prototype to test applications on. We're donating in-kind support! - Source specialist materials to test on the prototype, - Test undercoats, top coats, methods of applying artwork & varnishes to ensure longevity of transformation - Preparation of chairs & sites - Resourcing team & volunteers to enable work to commence - Project manage & ensure correct procedures are adhered to - Razzle Dazzle them all - Generate a report on public seating This playful project will transform seats in 3 locations in central Brixton: Windrush Square SW2 opposite the Old Town Hall, Canterbury Crescent SW9 outside Brixton Police Station & the only street bench left on Coldharbour Lane SW9. The installations are in the public realm – open, free & inclusive 24/7. As a Headline Event for the London Design Festival & a feature of the Brixton Design Trail, it will raise the profile of Brixton as a unique & proudly diverse neighbourhood in London.

Location South Lambeth

South Lambeth has 16 other projects and £905,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

1st location is Windrush Square, outside Brixton Library, the next is outside Brixton Police Station, the 3rd is on Coldharbour Lane just up the road from Brixton Village


London Borough of Lambeth

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How will the money be spent?Total £11,514

Application of artwork - £2,000 (17%)
Specialist undercoats, paints, topcoats / varnishes / sandpapers / wood fillers etc - £1,500 (13%)
Preparation of seats on site - £1,500 (13%)
Project Management - £1,500 (13%)
Application of artwork - £1,000 (9%)
Report Generation - £900 (8%)
Montseny seat - £652 (6%)
Prototype Testing - £600 (5%)
Prototype testing, labour, resources - £600 (5%)
Project Management - £300 (3%)
Other - £962 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

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Application of artwork
Specialist undercoats, paints, topcoats / varnishes / sandpapers / wood fillers etc
Preparation of seats on site
Project Management
Application of artwork
Report Generation
Montseny seat
Prototype Testing
Prototype testing, labour, resources
Project Management
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Report Generation
  • VAT

Total £11,514

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