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Contemplative Pavilion_ BDT 2017

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Contemplative Pavilion_ BDT 2017

Farouk Agoro By Farouk Agoro

Introspection / Imagination / Reflection_ The pavilion is conceived as a space that encourages the community to engage for a moment: to pause, dream, and reflect on self and surroundings.

South Lambeth Delivery stage

pledged of £8,846

Sorry this project was unsuccessful, we did not reach our fundraising goal.

The pavilion situated on the grounds of St Mathews gardens, aims to encourage awareness of self by allowing the space & the environment to inspire wellbeing in a positive creative way. The pavilion has been orientated towards the once functioning, derelict fountain in an attempt to trigger thoughtful and considered interventions to revive the space and the fountain. Brixton trail 2017 is themed ‘Love is Power’ & the concept is approached from the perspective - love of self & love of place. The idea of self-reflection & allowing a moment for thought can build personal growth & can be reflected on how you navigate your surroundings. Mindfulness and wellbeing are powerful tools for a more peaceful & cohesive relationship with oneself. The result of this reflected within the community. Permissions for the building to be constructed are currently being secured by the Brixton Trail organisers. In the unlikely event that these are not secured, no money will be taken from backers.

What we'll deliver:

  • A fun and considered space to encourage self reflection and imagination
  • Contributing to the broder discussion towards revamping the peace gardens.
  • Supporting local creative social enterprises / skill training

Why it's a great idea:

The idea of encouraging awareness of self and of place, are crucial to the ways communities grow and engage with its changing landscape, both physical and demographic. The concept and location address these themes as it also highlights the neglect to the St Mathews Peace gardens, the only green patch of landscaping within the center of Brixton. Support towards executing its build will: 1 Hopefully trigger and engage the community towards interventions to revive the peace gardens for the local community. 2 As a community set scheme, working with a local community, to build and assemble the structure can be a positive contribution to ongoing community skill training programmes with a proposal that can be developed, executed and experienced within a short space of time. 3 The legacy envisages that the structure can be reassembled on another site or appropriated for other community programmes, making it sustainable.

Steps to get it done:

  • Securing funds to purchase the plywood which will be laser cut as per the design.
  • The assembled pieces will then be transported to site to be set up for the event.
  • The laser cut pieces will then need to be referenced, bonded and stored in a suitable space by volunteered labour.

Brixton Design Trail is from the 16th - 24th September with the intent to relocate the structure on another site. Plywood is proposed as the primary material, keeping the construction simple, cost effect and recyclable. The pavilion is designed to have minimal impact on the site with a quick site set up. This approach ensures that the pavilion can be transported and reassembled / appropriated at another location for other community uses. The pavilion consist of three key elements: -A sloping base: on a gradual inclination allowing for a subtle change in outlook. -A triangulated grid roof framework: filled with a translucent film hung in a ‘sail like manner’ within each triangulated frame, creates colour reflections on the below surfaces. The film and triangulated grid is a play on the illusions of a kaleidoscope, evoking a sense for imagination. -Vertical fins: acting as sound buffers from the surrounding traffic, the fins are finished with a reflective mirror film.

Location South Lambeth

About the space

The pavilion is proposed to be located within the grounds of the St Matthew's Peace Gardens


London Borough of Lambeth

How will the money be spent?Total £8,845

Plywood 220m2 - £3,500 (40%)
Colour Film - £1,690 (19%)
CNC Cutting - £1,500 (17%)
Reflective Film - £1,300 (15%)
Other - £855 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Plywood 220m2
Colour Film
CNC Cutting
Reflective Film
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £8,845

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