Thanks so much! I'm delighted to update everyone and let you know that the project you supported is in the early stages of delivery. Who knew that a dream would turn into reality. The work began early this year when i recruited the group. I had so many applications to join the project that it was difficult to select the participants. I ended up with a group from as a diverse background as i could find, i really wanted to reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community. Once the group was formed and equipment ordered (a pallet arrived!) we began meeting online, using a popular video conference platform! The time spent online was an opportunity to meet as a group but also go over the basics of beekeeping - get some theory in before we delve into it all. Check out this short video of our meetings on Youtube One of our participants was so keen that he couldn't wait until we met a group to crack on and begin building hives. I dropped off a few hives for him to assemble at home - check out this other short video from our Facebook page - Where are we now? Following guidelines, we have been able to meet outside at The Meadow Well Connected Centre. Participants have been assembling hives, learning and refining their woodwork skills. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing people get to know each other and come together as a new community. Here's a short video from our Instagram account of the group in action: We have started this journey together and we are all buzzing that the bees will soon arrive and we can begin the practical side of the project - the beekeeping. Due to the demand i received in running this project, and inspired by the support which was shown, i decided to take this project one step further and form a Community Interest Company, so that more people can benefit from beekeeping activities. Pure Buzzin Community Interest Company was registered in March. It's aim is to promote disability inclusion, promote good mental health & wellbeing & reduce social isolation through beekeeping activities. More info is found at I want to thank you again for your support and enabling this project to happen which in turn has given me the confidence to build upon the project. The community bees arrive in mid June, if you would like to come and see the bees, get in touch: and it we can arrange for that to happen! I will send another update shortly, but you can also stay up to date using the social media platforms i linked to in this email. Warm wishes, Stephen Douglas