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Funding a project ...

  1. Discover a project you'd love to see built.
  2. Pledge funding.
  3. You're only charged if your project hits its funding goal.
  4. Watch as the project is built for you!
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Creating a project ...

  1. Create a project page.
    It takes no time at all.
  2. Use the dashboard to attract supporters and develop your project.
  3. When your project is fully-developed, submit it to Spacehive for verification.
  4. Once verified you can start fundraising.
  5. If you hit your funding goal your project collects the money!
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Spacehive helps communities transform their local public spaces ...

  • What type of projects can Spacehive help with?

    Anything in a public space - or somewhere the community can freely access. Projects could be relaxing new green spaces, rejuvenated sports facilities, a playground for the kids, or a spruced up high street that entices shoppers to your cafe or pub. Whatever you like.

    If it's a public space, and popular with the public, Spacehive is for you.

  • What's so good about it?

    Everyone cares about their local area. We'd all like to make improvements. But with councils out of cash, we need a new way of getting things done. The great thing about Spacehive is that anyone can put forward project ideas and anyone can fund them. Suddenly BMX tracks can get built for £30 per rider, wetlands revitalised for £50 per twitcher, or drab high streets made welcoming for £1,000 per local trader.

  • So is it all about money?

    Not at all. Because projects have to reach out to the community for support, the things that get built are much more likely to be valued by people. It's a process that binds people together and gives them a stronger sense of ownership over their area.

  • Anything else?

    Yep. If you're someone who wants to create a project, our dedicated management tool tells you everything you need to do to get your project funded and built.

    On top of that we're working with partners to develop an exciting range of benefits to bring your project to life - from free design advice to funding opportunities. Watch this space.

  • So how does Spacehive square with the planning system?

    You can't shortcut the need for planning permission. But Spacehive offers a faster, more democratic way of getting things done that puts communities in the driving seat.

    Most of us assume we have to take what we're given when it comes to neighbourhood planning. Where do you start if you want to change things? Spacehive creates a vibrant marketplace where you can discover great projects and make them happen with the click of a mouse. Forget battling bureaucracy - transforming your area can be as easy as buying a book online.

  • I want to create a project. What's the secret to a great pitch?

    Think about what's going to inspire people to open their wallets. What would people in your area love to change and how much can they afford to pay? If you get the balance right it should be an attractive offer.

    Post some great images. Build trust by citing credible references or directing people to other websites you may have. If you've already got backing from local people, businesses or the council, say so. Be friendly. Last but not least, tell people about it!

  • Where can I find supporters?

    Spacehive helps you attract fans and volunteers, build mailing lists, and spread the word using social media. Start with people you know. Tell friends, neighbours, the sports club, local businesses, even the postman. If they like it, they'll help spread the word, and outwards from there. Good ideas get around.

  • What if it's just an idea?

    Great! You can create a project page in "concept" status and start promoting your vision. Sharing your idea makes it easier to find the support you'll need to develop it further.

  • How can I know whether my project has any chance of getting funded?

    Think about what your community can afford. An attractive new garden costing £25k in a busy area could be fairly easy to fund with a mix of £50 donations from residents and the odd £2k contribution from local businesses. A £60k skate park with only a few supporters is going to be harder work.

    If your vision is expensive, perhaps break it down into parts. Start with something affordable and exciting and go from there!

  • What fees do you charge?

    It's free to upload projects and donate. We charge an administration fee if, and only if, a project successfully hits its funding goal. Our fee is 5% of the total of your cost items. All fees are clearly displayed within the costings for each project.

  • Are there any transaction fees?

    Yes. PayPal, our secure payments system, deducts fees ranging from 1.4% - 3.4% + 20p per pledge - only if the project hits its funding goal.

    We also use GoCardless, our online direct debit payments system. The fee for a GoCardless pledge is 0.5% of the pledge - again, only if the project hits its funding goal.

  • Can I raise more than my project's goal?

    No. You can only raise as much money as you originally ask for.

  • I represent a company. Can I sponsor projects?

    Absolutely! You can make cash donations or offer in-kind contributions, like materials, employee expertise, or services. It's a powerful way of engaging with the community - and your contribution will be recognised on the project page.

  • Can Spacehive be used to solicit investment or loans?

    Nope. Spacehive funds the capital costs of building projects. It's not a place for investment or lending. Funders don't own the projects they fund, nor do they expect to get their money back in future - they just enjoy the results, along with everyone else in the community.

  • My ideas aren't "big and important." Is Spacehive for me?

    Absolutely. Goal posts and park benches are as welcome as grand boulevards and amphitheatres.