Word On The Kerb BRIXTON

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Word On The Kerb BRIXTON

Errol McGlashan By Errol McGlashan

Please donate just £2 to help WORD ON THE KERB reach a fundraising target of £1,241 to buy some basic but much-needed equipment for its community pavement poetry sessions.

South Lambeth Delivery stage

pledged of £1,242

Sorry this project was unsuccessful, we did not reach our fundraising goal.

WORD ON THE KERB STAGES WEEKLY SPOKEN WORD SESSIONS AT BUSY PUBLIC PLACES IN BRIXTON: Armed with banner, microphones and speaker; myself and 2 or 3 of my fellow poets set up on pavements at regular locations in Brixton. We each perform a Spoken Word piece. This gets people to slow down or stop. After a while, we encourage members of the public to step up to the Open Mic and do something.. ANYTHING! This can start a bit of a movement with more and more people wanting to have a go, including the children. I love hosting an open mic especially for children and young people; creating opportunities for families and friends to have golden moments. Performing in public to an appreciative crowd is something people will never forget. They’ll film and take photos creating memories that will last a lifetime. I have already done a few successful test runs on Windrush Square, Brixton Village Forecourt, Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch, West Norwood Feast Festival

What we'll deliver:

  • A small portable stage with a large lively banner will provide a visual stimulus to encourage curiosity & excitement
  • And finally, I need a trailer for my bicycle so I can transport all the above.
  • In order to create the kind of experience I have envisaged for audience and performers alike…
  • To enhance community engagement and comfort and where space permits there will be seating for up to 20 people.
  • WOTK will deliver a quality sound with a PA system that is able to filter out wind and traffic

Why it's a great idea:

I believe deep down people have something they want to artistically express and they fantasise about doing so. The ability to speak in public; to present an idea, speak your truth; to use your words to engage, entertain, persuade, purge, motivate, teach, inspire; whether for therapeutic reasons, an interview, giving a presentation at work, or at school; whether it’s your day in court; perhaps you just need to put the right words in the right order to woo a certain somebody or even simply assert yourself.. the ability to speak compellingly is crucial! Yet people often report that their biggest fear is Public Speaking; that and dying. Some people would rather die than speak in public! Nevertheless, I have found from London to Sheffield, people do actually want to speak out. So I encourage random and planned acts of artistic/creative expression by consistently showing up and providing people with a non-threatening and fun platform thus giving them the confidence and permission to do so.

Steps to get it done:

  • Send a personal invitation to all the people who donated
  • Immediately purchase the five items ie Portable P.A system-Banner- Platform-12 foldup chairs-Bicycle Trailer July/August
  • Write a press release and invite local media to the official launch . Hopefully by the end of July

Here is a link to my Word On The Kerb Facebook Community page so you can better get the picture https://www.facebook.com/wordonthekerbuk/ Not only does Word On The Kerb help people to overcome their fear of Public Speaking… Poetry events require people to listen. The ability to listen makes you a better person.... and more likeable. Plus after spending the last six years performing at countless events across London including hosting my own events I have seen the love & encouragement shown to anyone brave enough to get on the mic to share their lyrics. It's always a good vibe. Poetry-Storytelling-Monologues-Comedy-Speeches-Sketches-Rap and song. Watching performances at Word On The Kerb will inspire and encourage people to write and It is well known by Spoken Word educators that when young people are encouraged to write poetry, raps, sketches & songs for performance that their school grades improve and so does their behaviour and confidence levels.

Location South Lambeth

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London Borough of Lambeth

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How will the money be spent?Total £1,241

A Quality Portable PA System - £500 (40%)
A trailer for my bike to cart the stuff around - £250 (20%)
Durable Reinforced Banner/Sign - £150 (12%)
A dozen or so lightweight foldaway chairs - £120 (10%)
Pedestal/Platform/Soapbox to act as a mini stage - £100 (8%)
Other - £121 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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A Quality Portable PA System
A trailer for my bike to cart the stuff around
Durable Reinforced Banner/Sign
A dozen or so lightweight foldaway chairs
Pedestal/Platform/Soapbox to act as a mini stage
Other Read More
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  • VAT

Total £1,241

Our Wish List

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  • Larger trailer for my bicycle
  • Durable portable banner
  • A dozen lightweight foldaway chairs
  • A pedestal or raised platform for a stage
  • A .Portable P.A. system suitable for outdoor use
  • A person to set up and manage Social Media and Marketing
  • Poets/Singers/Speakers
  • Networkers/canvassers/Community Engagers

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