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Helping women to help themselves

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Helping women to help themselves

Helping women to help themselves

Ishkama Ltd By Ishkama Ltd

Women coming from foreign countries often find themselves lonely and most of the time suffer from depression. We aim to form a group of like minded women who can guide them to jobs and courses.

Ipswich Idea stage

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Our project aims at helping women from ethnic minority groups, especially those coming from foreign lands to make friends and find a worthwhile project to get involved.We shall be organizing courses that will help housewives start their own business or training classes. Alternatively, women who are interested in looking for jobs will be directed to job centers and helped with their application. Women who wish to pursue a part time job and have toddlers will be advised on childcare and provided with information on facilities nearby. Some of the courses include bakery, yoga/ meditation, CV Writing,etc. and for those who wish to join something with physical training and fitness can be directed to cricket coaching centre. For those who like to gain experience and want to be more involved within the community shall be directed towards various volunteering opportunities with the NHS, schools and charity shops. Also, provide them with info on free courses and how to utilize their knowledge.

What we'll deliver:

  • Help women find like minded women sharing common interests
  • Get help with choosing a course which they can turn into a business
  • Prevent depression in women by keeping them engaged into worthwhile projects

Why it's a great idea:

Women are the pillars of a family and when they suffer mentally, the whole household suffers. If they are depressed the men who work outside cannot give their best and the children do not get the right nurturing. It is therefore very important to protect the mental wellbeing of women. If we help a woman she can help another. The information and guidance travel from one to the next and that increases the number of happy women who are getting involved in the community by volunteering , using their skills and helping their own household. For a better economy, we have to make sure that both men and women work. This brings quality life for everyone. We have to just start with empowering a few and soon they will spread the skills. This will lead to a lot of workers who are equipped to bring new ideas and future projects. This could be benefiting environmentally, economically, culturally as well as in promoting jobs and building entrepreneurs.

Steps to get it done:

This project is a result of COVID pandemic which led a lot of women into depression. While men started to work from home and children started online classes, women had nowhere to go or anything to look forward to. This only made them more stressed and depressed. Women need a common place to meet and share their ideas with other women. They need to make sense of their existence. If we can provide a place for women especially those who have fewer choices to come together helping each other find a friend, an interest, a skill or job then no women will have to be depressed. This project aims to stop the depression and direct it to becoming ideas and knowledge that women would like to share and spread.


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