West Lothian Wolves Lair Project

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West Lothian Wolves Lair Project

West Lothian Wolves Lair Project

Andrew Smyth By Andrew Smyth

The Wolves are continuing to grow their membership and the time has come for a bespoke facility for practice and games that will also allow us to further our charitable aims and community work.

Bathgate Idea stage

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The West Lothian Wolves are currently in discussions with West Lothian Council regarding the transfer of a community centre to the ownership of the Wolves. The community centre is in need of some significant repairs and will need an initial investment to ensure the building remains wind and water tight and meets with health and safety compliance. A dilapidation survey has been carried out that identifies up to £250,000.00 worth of building works that will see the fabric of the building upgraded and will allow the building to be used for the long term. This initial investment into the building will allow the further development of local programmes and services that will benefit the community in a variety of ways. The club want to ensure strong links with the local schools, community groups to provide a home for community activities, as well as supporting the development of local business through the utilisation of parts of the building.

What we'll deliver:

  • Carry out programme to secure the fabric of the building from further deterioration
  • Renovate and upgrade the facility to meet the needs of the Wolves
  • Secure building from Local Authority
  • Work in Partnership with West Lothian Council to deliver local programmes for the community
  • Work with the basketballs national governing body to deliver national programmes to benefit the sport across Scotland.
  • Work with the community council to develop additional programmes to benefit the local community

Why it's a great idea:

The West Lothian Wolves Basketball club are a family oriented, community first organisation. We want to not only provide a great basketball facility, but also a great community facility that will benefit people that have no interest in the sport. Through the development of this building project the Wolves would also look to increase employment in the local area through janitorial, cleaning and hospitality jobs that would help with the operation of the facility. We would also partner with the Local Authority and other agencies to run mentorship programmes, employability programmes, drug and alcohol awareness programmes and activities for the elderly. On the basketball side of the project this new facility would offer greater access to a practice facility for our members, the ability to run more coach education and referee education as well as allowing us to host tournaments and regional competitions through our governing body as well as allowing us to offer wheelchair basketball.

Steps to get it done:

  • Agree with West Lothian Council to transfer asset (Blackburn Community Centre) to the West Lothian Wolves
  • Complete facility development and have members and public using facility
  • Develop robust business plan to upgrade/develop facility

The West Lothian Wolves have been developing this project for a number of years now, and it has become clear that for the project to pick up pace and get delivered within a couple of needs the necessity to have someone driving the programme is imperative. This is very much an outcomes driven project for the Wolves. The following outcomes would be: Allow the club to further its charitable aims by providing more opportunities for children, young people and adults to take part in basketball, to their chosen level; Provide a central focal point for basketball in West Lothian; Offer more opportunities for the local community to be more physically active; Work closely with local providers to avoid duplication of programmes and to offer new programmes for the benefit of the community; Support the continued growth of the club and create sustainability through a fully developed business plan and operating model. We would be very appreciative of any support that could be given.

Location Bathgate

About the space

West Lothian is a mainly rural area with one large town of Livingston, a handful of smaller towns and a group of villages and small dwelling areas. It has a quickly growing population due to is location it is a commuter area to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has large differences with regards to inequality and a varied population.


West Lothian Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £307,212

Felt covered flat roofs to all areas excluding main gymnasium - £141,360 (46%)
Flooring - Dynamik Academy System in Oak Hardwood finish - £39,840 (13%)
Ancillary Items - £20,802 (7%)
Professional Fees @ 10% - £19,724 (6%)
Various External Works to repair and bring up to standard. Detailed on attached quote. - £17,950 (6%)
Overheads and Profits @ 10% - £17,931 (6%)
Prelims Including Scaffolding - £15,000 (5%)
Internal Works - £5,000 (2%)
Other - £29,604 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Felt covered flat roofs to all areas excluding main gymnasium
Flooring - Dynamik Academy System in Oak Hardwood finish
Ancillary Items
Professional Fees @ 10%
Various External Works to repair and bring up to standard. Detailed on attached quote.
Overheads and Profits @ 10%
Prelims Including Scaffolding
Internal Works
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £307,212

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